Meri Saas Bhoot Hai

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 26 June 2023 Written Story Update

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 26 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Gaura stepping into Varun’s office cabin. Varun playfully serenades her with a song, leaving Gaura perplexed. Intrigued, Gaura queries him about his peculiar behavior. Varun simply expresses his fondness for the song, causing Gaura to extend her gratitude towards him for assisting Riya. Concerned about Riya’s well-being, Varun inquires about her condition. Gaura reassures him that Riya is doing well. Deeply appreciative, Gaura acknowledges Varun’s support by stating that she has found her “bhoot boss” as well.

Rekha insists that Gaura should convey her thanks to Varun, but Gaura firmly declines, resulting in a heated argument between the two. Perplexed by the commotion, Varun inquires about the cause of the disagreement. Gaura informs him that her “bhoot boss” expressed gratitude to Varun for his assistance. Varun humbly responds, expressing that there is no need for Gaura to thank him.

Gaura’s phone rang, and it was the school staff demanding an immediate payment of the fee. Helpless and overwhelmed, Gaura didn’t know what to do. Unbeknownst to her, Varun overheard her conversation. Trying to come up with a solution, Gaura quickly made an excuse and left the room. Concerned for her, Rekha advised Gaura to seek help from Varun, her business partner. However, Gaura stubbornly refused the suggestion.

Despite Gaura’s reluctance, Varun decided to step in and help her without her even asking. Little did they know, two ghosts were observing Varun from outside, intrigued by his actions.

Meanwhile, Som engaged in a conversation with his friend, who happened to be his customer as well. The friend planned to gift his wife a piece of jewelry, so Som went to fetch it. To his shock, he couldn’t find the jewelry anywhere. He noticed that Twinkle was wearing it and questioned her about it. Twinkle tried to justify her actions, leading to a heated argument between them. Som’s frustration escalated when Vivek, witnessing the commotion, scolded him and stormed off. Feeling upset with Som, Twinkle returned the necklace, only to receive a taunt from him. Kanchan and Rahul, witnessing the fight between Som and Twinkle, found amusement in the situation.

Rekha and Gaura arrived at the school, and Rekha persisted in convincing Gaura to accept Varun’s help. However, Gaura remained resolute in her decision. To Gaura’s surprise, she saw Varun emerging from the school. He informed her that he had cleared the fee. Impressed by Varun’s actions, Rekha praised him. Gaura, however, scolded Rekha and demanded that she leave. Rekha complied and exited. Gaura, upset with Varun for helping her, questioned his motives. Varun simply stated that she was his business partner and suggested that she repay the amount with interest. Reluctantly, Gaura agreed.

Deciding to drop Gaura off at her home, Varun found himself with two unexpected passengers in the backseat of his car—two ghosts. Meanwhile, Som accidentally called Varun, mistaking him for Vivek. They made plans to meet in the evening. In a separate turn of events, Laxmi entered Gaura’s house, only to be surprised by the abundance of essential items. Determined not to let Gaura off the hook, Laxmi planned her next move. Rekha arrived and was taken aback by Laxmi’s presence. Laxmi, having seen Varun dropping Gaura home, silently observed the situation.

Gaura was shocked to find her house unlocked. She questioned Rekha about it and soon discovered Laxmi’s presence. Laxmi suggested that Gaura marry Varun, but Gaura firmly refused. As the argument intensified, Laxmi attempted to slap Gaura, but Rekha intervened and stopped her. Gaura insisted that Rekha leave Laxmi alone and firmly asserted that she didn’t need her help, ultimately making her leave the premises. Meanwhile, Som and Varun met up for a drink, where Varun shared his feelings for Gaura and expressed his belief in her. Som observed silently, contemplating the situation.

[Episode End]

Precap : Som and Varun were apprehended by the police, prompting both of them to contact Gaura and Twinkle for assistance. Gaura and Twinkle promptly arrived at the police station in response to the call for help.

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