Meri Saas Bhoot Hai

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 19 June 2023 Written Story Update

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 19 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Rohit and Prakash engaged in a conversation about their future. Prakash reassures Rohit that they will secure bail. Suddenly, Rohit notices a presence and decides to investigate. Both Rohit and Prakash are startled to find Kiran standing there, prompting them to scream in fear. Rekha appears and commends Kiran, causing a misunderstanding for Gaura, who mistakenly assumes the praise is directed towards her. Gaura expresses her gratitude to Rekha, but Rekha clarifies that she was actually praising Kiran and encourages Gaura to speak her mind. Gaura offers advice to Kiran before Kiran departs.

Meanwhile, Varun approaches the guard to inquire about the events that occurred at the hotel during the night. The guard provides a detailed account of what transpired and expresses doubts about Gaura’s ability to assist Varun in getting rid of the ghost haunting his hotel. Varun listens intently, his expression reflecting contemplation.

Gaura meets with Kiran’s father, who commends her for bringing justice to his daughter. Emotion overwhelms him, causing Gaura to feel a deep sense of empathy. Gaura appeals to Kiran’s father, urging him to undergo surgery and lead a healthy life, as it is what Kiran would have wanted for him. Moved by Gaura’s words, Kiran’s father agrees. Gaura’s emotions well up as she reminisces about her own father. Rekha becomes upset with Gaura and insists that they leave together. Gaura acquiesces to Rekha’s request, albeit reluctantly.

Varun holds a skeptical view regarding Gaura’s willingness to assist him. His guards, seeking a solution, encourage him to involve the police and have Gaura arrested. Reluctantly, Varun agrees and prepares to make the call, unaware that Gaura is already on the scene. Seizing the opportunity, Varun mocks Gaura for her failure to fulfill the promise she made to him. However, Gaura takes control of the situation and forcefully brings Varun inside the hotel. Instructing his guards to follow, Varun obeys and enters the premises with Gaura. Within the hotel, Gaura reveals that she has successfully rid it of ghosts, much to Varun’s surprise. Satisfied, Gaura departs, leaving Varun to instruct his guards to proceed with renovating the establishment, which they dutifully do before departing themselves.

Rekha, plagued by recurring forgetfulness, approaches Gaura with inquiries. Attempting to jog Rekha’s memory, Gaura tries to remind her of their shared past, but Rekha’s recollection is limited to Chitragupta’s orders. Disheartened, Gaura becomes upset. Just then, Varun arrives and expresses his intention to share something with Gaura. Gaura responds with a stern gaze.

Fast forward six months, and Gaura has transformed into a successful businesswoman who aids spirits in attaining liberation. Rekha remains by her side as a constant companion. Gaura receives a continuous stream of calls from individuals seeking her assistance, assuring them that she will meet them soon. Grateful for the divine guidance that has led her to this path, Gaura offers thanks to God while also seeking forgiveness for her past mistakes. Rekha reminds Gaura of an upcoming date, which prompts Gaura to realize that she owes Varun rent. This revelation upsets Rekha, and the two of them set off to meet Varun.

Upon arrival, they witness Varun scolding and physically reprimanding his brother, Vidaan, for causing trouble. Amused by their altercation, Rekha finds herself at the receiving end of Gaura’s accusation of being heartless. Offended, Rekha departs. Gaura pleads with Varun to cease fighting with Vidaan, leading Varun to issue a warning to his brother before leaving himself. Vidaan, however, takes the opportunity to taunt Varun, only to be scolded by Gaura for mocking Varun’s emotions. Varun is delighted by Gaura’s unwavering support.

Meanwhile, a family welcomes a newlywed couple into their home. Just as the bride is about to perform the girahpravesh ritual, a lifeless lizard unexpectedly falls among their belongings, causing the guests to flee in fear. Despite the incident, the groom, Ajay, convinces his bride to enter the house. Concern fills the eyes of Ajay’s parents. Simultaneously, Gaura fulfills her obligation by paying her rent to Varun. Varun reminds her about the option of online transactions, but Gaura declines, expressing her contentment with paying in person. Additionally, she admits her lack of understanding regarding online transactions. Before leaving, Gaura assists Varun in retrieving money dropped on the ground, leaving him with a smile on his face as he watches her depart.

[Episode End]

Precap : Ajay’s parents placed the blame on their daughter-in-law, prompting Gaura to reprimand them. In response, Gaura assured them that she would visit their home the following day, observing the situation intently.

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