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Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 12 June 2023 Written Story Update

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 12 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Gaura firmly instructing Rekha not to interfere in her relationship with Twinkle and allowing her to do as she pleases. She emphasizes that she has forgotten her past life. Rekha questions Gaura about why she still wears the sacred marriage chain and vermilion, asserting that forgetting the past isn’t as simple as it seems. Gaura gazes at her reflection in the mirror, contemplating her words. Subsequently, she removes her marriage chain and wipes away the vermilion from her hairline, reminiscing about her wedding to Som. Gaura asserts to Rekha that her actions should make it clear that she has no desire to revisit her past life. However, Rekha argues that Gaura’s actions will not benefit her in any way, promptly taking Gaura’s phone and leaving the room.

Meanwhile, Rekha arrives at Shukla’s house where Twinkle is enjoying her breakfast. Som arrives and asks Twinkle to wish him luck as he heads out to work on a significant order. Twinkle reminds him of the final chance he had given her and continues focusing on her meal. Som becomes upset and leaves the house. Rekha expresses her sadness, stating that she needs to gather evidence against Twinkle and expose her in front of Som.

Som meets with the client, who happens to be Vinay’s boss. He persuades the client to award him the order and successfully secures an advance payment. Som also assures the client that the order will be completed on time. Once the client departs, Vinay emphasizes the importance of meeting his boss’s expectations. Som assures him that, with Rahul’s assistance, they will fulfill Vinay’s order. Rahul forces a smile and reluctantly agrees to help.

There, Gaura was wondering about Rekha’s whereabouts, but she decided to focus on her work instead. Meanwhile, Twinkle was happily enjoying her day. On the other hand, Rekha noticed that Som was working hard and became upset that Twinkle wasn’t taking care of him. She was determined to expose Twinkle’s true nature to Som at any cost.

When Som returned home, he found Twinkle sleeping and decided to arrange his bed on the floor to sleep there. Rekha became even more upset by this.

The next day, Twinkle’s mother met with her and inquired about her life. Twinkle complained about Som once again and expressed her desire for a divorce. However, her mother reminded her about the properties that were in Som’s name, advising her to act nice towards him. Twinkle reluctantly obliged. Unbeknownst to them, Rekha recorded their conversation on Gaura’s phone.

Gaura wondered where Rekha had gone and was shocked when she couldn’t find her phone. Just then, Harish arrived and noticed that Gaura wasn’t wearing her nuptial chain or the vermillion, so he questioned her about it. Gaura remained silent, but Harish supported her decision and encouraged her to move on. This made Gaura happy, and she resumed her search for the missing phone. Finally, Rekha returned and handed the phone back to Gaura, mentioning that she had proof against Twinkle stored in it. However, Gaura lashed out at Rekha and broke the phone, leaving Rekha upset.

Later, Som continued to work hard while Rahul took pleasure in putting him in difficult situations. Rahul praised Som for completing an order, but Som humbly gave credit to Rahul. Meanwhile, Twinkle called Som and shared her plan to have dinner with him. Som explained his current situation and promised to return home soon. Unbeknownst to them, Rekha was determined to do something to expose Twinkle at any cost.

In the evening, Rahul questioned Som for ignoring Twinkle’s calls. Som happily shared Twinkle’s plan with him and then opened the locker to put the jewelry order inside before preparing to return home. Taking advantage of the situation, Rahul made up an excuse to send Som away and then wore a similar hoodie to Som’s, planning to steal the jewelry himself and frame Som for it. He thought to himself that this would lead Twinkle to choose him and smirked.

[Episode End]

Precap : Twinkle patiently awaits Som’s arrival, but unfortunately, all attempts by Som to contact her go unanswered. Meanwhile, Rekha, determined to validate her belief that Twinkle is not the suitable partner for Som, takes matters into her own hands. Simultaneously, Gaura embarks on a search for Rekha, unaware of the surprising state she will find Som in upon her discovery.

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