Meet 26 May 2023 Written Story Update

Meet 26 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Meet and Manmeet in a state of panic, desperately searching for Sumeet. Kanika, perceiving Sumeet as highly intelligent, becomes apprehensive about the potential trouble Meet’s arrival might cause. Gunwanti’s nerves start to fray, prompting Mahendra to step aside and engage in a conversation with Kanika. Frustrated with his inability to accomplish even minor tasks competently, Kanika reprimands Mahendra severely.

Meanwhile, Manmeet suggests calling Sumeet’s phone to check if it was left behind somewhere. The phone incessantly rings within the confines of the house, causing Meet to exclaim in a loud voice, suspecting Sumeet’s presence in some hiding spot. However, they eventually discover the phone lying near the gate, having fallen out during Mahendra’s earlier encounter with Sumeet. The revelation prompts them to ponder whether Sumeet may have been abducted by an unknown assailant.

Meet sits on the floor, consumed by heartbreak. Cheeku approaches her, his concern evident. Meet’s tears flow as she declares that she cannot bear to lose Sumeet, just as she tragically lost her own son, Cheeku. Manmeet and dadi offer their consolation, assuring Meet that Sumeet possesses inner strength and will be safe. Determined, Meet announces her intention to search the entire house. Cheeku fervently prays for Sumeet’s well-being, seeking divine intervention.

Gunwanti frets over the possibility of getting caught and facing imprisonment. Mahendra advises her to maintain the facade of searching for Sumeet. Meet and Manmeet meticulously comb through every corner of the house. Suddenly, Manmeet’s phone rings, and upon answering, he discovers that the caller is the kidnapper who has Sumeet in their custody.

The kidnapper demands that Manmeet send Cheeku to them in exchange for Sumeet’s safe return. Bewildered, Manmeet questions the purpose behind involving Cheeku in their scheme. Kanika signals to have him hear Sumeet’s voice. Mahendra and Gunwanti acknowledge Kanika’s cleverness in leveraging Cheeku’s involvement for the release of Sumeet. Desperate and frightened, Sumeet implores Manmeet to come and rescue her.

Curiosity piqued, Meet interrogates Manmeet about the caller’s identity. In an attempt to conceal his true emotions, he fabricates a story, asserting that it was Sumeet herself who called and went off with her friend Anuja. Manmeet tries to convince Meet of his sincerity, hiding the turmoil within. Unbeknownst to them, Yashoda overhears their conversation, absorbing every word.

Meet questions Manmeet why he hadn’t informed her earlier when she was so worried. Manmeet continues to conceal the truth. Meet notices his sad expression and questions why he looks that way if Sumeet is safe. Manmeet assures her that he promises to bring Sumeet back safely. However, Meet begins to doubt the situation. Manmeet decides to rest in his room, and at that moment, a constable informs Meet that Kanika is coming to meet the manager. In order to handle the situation, Meet decides to pose as Kanika. She plans to inform Manmeet about everything after she returns.

Yashoda takes an oath from Manmeet and presses him to reveal the truth. She claims to be able to read his expressions and asks once again for the truth. Reluctantly, Manmeet shares that Sumeet has been kidnapped, and the kidnappers have given them one hour to exchange Sumeet for Cheeku. Yashoda wonders how Sumeet got kidnapped in the first place. Meanwhile, the kidnappers offer food to Sumeet, who requests them to tell her a story while she eats. She jokingly remarks that in movies, the goons always get beaten up by the hero in the end.

Meet brings Cheeku to Manmeet and implores him to take good care of Cheeku until she returns. Yashoda instructs Manmeet to take Cheeku to the kidnappers and save Sumeet. The episode concludes with Manmeet being torn and confused about what he should do next.

[Episode End]

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