Meet 16 June 2023 Written Story Update

Meet 16 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Gunwanti’s arrest, during which she informs Meet that despite discovering the truth, she refuses to halt the bidding of her factory. In a rush, Manmeet arrives and swiftly takes Meet away. Meanwhile, Mahendra receives an anonymous cheque worth 61 crores. With no higher bids, it is announced that the factory has been sold for that amount. Suddenly, Meet appears and exclaims that they cannot proceed with the bidding. However, Mahendra explains that she arrived too late and the factory has already been sold. Manmeet helplessly slumps to the ground. Mahendra invites the buyer of the factory to step forward and is astonished to discover that it has been purchased by Sarkar.

Yashoda brings Sarkar to the scene, where he seizes the factory papers from Mahendra. He reveals that he risked all his belongings to protect Meet’s dream and hands over the papers to her. Mahendra is shocked and defeated once again. An inspector arrives to arrest Mahendra and searches for Shagun, hoping for her assistance, but she has already left. Mahendra is taken into custody by the police. Manmeet humbly massages Sarkar’s feet while Meet provides him with medicine. Both of them take care of him. Meet advises Sarkar not to dwell on the past, and Manmeet asks him about his desires and aspirations.

Sarkar suggests the idea of Meet and Manmeet getting married again, encouraging their union by joining their hands and bestowing his blessings upon them. However, Manmeet expresses that they will consider it once he recovers. Meet, on the other hand, eagerly embraces Sarkar’s wish, believing that witnessing their marriage will aid in Manmeet’s swift recovery. Sarkar playfully teases Manmeet for his slow-wittedness. The entire Alhwat household is adorned with decorations, indicating the joyous occasion. Sumeet informs everyone about Meet and Manmeet’s remarriage, while Baa emphasizes the importance of both families staying together until the marriage is complete. Shagun discloses that she did not abandon Gunwanti and Mahendra; instead, she went to consult with a lawyer to secure their freedom. She offers them sweets and stirs their emotions by revealing the news of Meet and Manmeet’s upcoming wedding.

Sumeet and Raj participate in the dress selection for Manmeet and Meet, engaging in a playful argument about who will look better. They mischievously trick Meet and Manmeet, bringing them closer together for a kiss. Gunwanti and Mahendra arrive at the venue in disguise. Meet’s grandmother shares anecdotes of how she used to tease Meet when she was younger but grew to love her over time, expressing her desire to see Meet’s smiling face. Sumeet lightens the atmosphere with jokes, and both children warmly embrace Meet’s grandmother. Meet joyfully watches as Mehendi is applied to her hands.

During the festivities, Meet’s saree pallu becomes disarranged due to the Mehendi on her hands. She searches for someone to help her when suddenly someone covers her mouth from behind, causing her to react instinctively. To her astonishment, it is Manmeet, whom she scolds for his surprise appearance. Manmeet, in a romantic gesture, draws closer to Meet as the melodious tune of “Tu Itni Khubsurat Hai” plays. He assists her in adjusting her saree, and Meet smiles appreciatively. Meet and Manmeet vow to stand by each other until their last breath. Unbeknownst to them, Gunwanti and Mahendra plot to harm both Meet and Manmeet. Sumeet catches sight of them and drops a vase in shock. The episode concludes with Gunwanti and Mahendra menacingly advancing toward Sumeet.

[Episode End]

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