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Meet 27 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Masoom and Raj engaging in a discussion about the arrangements for the upcoming marriage functions. Sumeet contributes by providing details about the lights and entry arrangements. However, Raj is taken aback when he witnesses Sumeet touching the lights and panics. Urgently, he instructs Sumeet to get down from the chair. In the midst of this chaos, Shagun calls Sumeet, creating a pretext for isolating her from the others. Claiming that the network is unclear, Shagun feigns difficulty in hearing Sumeet’s voice. Meanwhile, Raunak notices an opportunity and discreetly signals to someone near the pool. Consequently, Sumeet unexpectedly finds herself plunging into the pool, to the astonishment of Raunak. He had believed that this act would allow him to emerge as the hero of the situation. However, his hopes are shattered when Shlok, acting swiftly, jumps into the pool before him and rescues Sumeet.

Subsequently, Sumeet loses consciousness, and Shlok diligently tries to revive her. Raunak, witnessing this turn of events, realizes that his plan has failed. In an attempt to conceal his true intentions, he begins rubbing Sumeet’s hands. Just as Raj arrives at the scene, he witnesses Raunak assisting Sumeet. Raunak resorts to lying, claiming that he was the one who saved her. Even the waiter joins in the deception. Filled with gratitude, Raj feels indebted to Raunak for rescuing Sumeet, and Sumeet herself expresses her gratitude. In a flashback, it is revealed how Raunak managed to make Shlok depart with the help of the waiters. Raunak continues his charade, behaving amicably, and advises Raj to take Sumeet home, as she might catch a cold. Later on, Shlok confronts Raunak about his insincere attempts to impress Raj and Sumeet. Unfazed, Raunak confidently asserts that Shlok will always remain one step behind him.

Raunak informed Shagun that everything went according to her plan. Meanwhile, Shlok accompanied his mother to buy vegetables and pretended to keep sneezing. He requested her to make kada (a traditional herbal drink) for him. Shagun teased him, wondering how he got wet without any rain, but eventually agreed to make the kada so that he could give it to someone he was pretending for.

In another scene, Sumeet kept sneezing, causing Raj to panic as he observed her condition. Masoom worried that the Choudhary family would react poorly upon learning that Raj did not want to accept Raunak’s proposal for Sumeet. Shagun instructed Raunak to go to the Alhwat house and follow her instructions precisely while maintaining control over his anger. She expressed confidence that Raj would say yes, and they would achieve their revenge.

Shlok arrived at the Alhwat house and handed Sumeet the kada made by his mother. Although Sumeet commented on its unpleasant smell, he managed to make her drink it by closing her nose. As Shlok was about to leave, Raj became angry and explicitly told him not to come again. Just then, Raunak appeared and pretended to be kind to Shlok. He informed Raj that he had brought a specialist to check on Sumeet, pretending to cancel his scheduled event due to a family emergency. Raj was impressed by Raunak’s actions and instructed him to take the doctor to Sumeet’s room.

Sumeet informed Raunak that she was already feeling better thanks to the kada made by Shlok’s mother. Her caretaker teased her, suggesting that even just hearing one song from Raunak would have made her feel better. Sumeet complimented Raunak’s voice and described it as heart-touching. Masoom convinced Raj that Raunak was the ideal match for Sumeet. Raj looked at Sumeet and Raunak laughing together and agreed to the proposal. Masoom stated that she would call Mrs. Chaudhary to confirm their acceptance of the proposal.

The episode concluded with Sumeet expressing her reluctance to marry Raunak, which angered him.

[Episode End]

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