Meet 28 May 2023 Written Story Update

Meet 28 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The scene unfolds with Meet pondering over how to disclose the truth about Kanika to Manmeet. As Meet answers Yashoda’s call, her phone unexpectedly powers down due to a depleted battery. Yashoda notices Meet’s apprehensive tone during their brief conversation. Meanwhile, Manmeet confesses to feeling nervous. In a rush, Kanika starts her car, but Meet manages to arrive just in time. Hastily, Meet flings open the car door and anxiously checks on Cheeku. Seizing the moment, Meet pulls Kanika out forcefully and grasps her by the neck. She reveals that she has uncovered the truth about Kanika’s heinous acts, including the murder of Mohan and the torment inflicted upon other children at the orphanage. Meet asserts that Kanika will face the consequences of her crimes.

Manmeet and Yashoda approach Meet, urging him to leave Kanika. Yashoda discloses that Sumeet has been kidnapped. Despite their pleas, Kanika pushes them aside and issues a threatening warning, expressing her intention to harm Sumeet due to Meet obstructing her path. Yashoda scolds Meet, causing her to feel increasingly lightheaded. Feeling confused, Meet questions Manmeet about his previous statement regarding Sumeet meeting her friend, as it contradicts the kidnapping situation. Manmeet promises to explain everything later, emphasizing the urgency of rescuing Sumeet first.

Overhearing the conversation among the goons, Sumeet discovers that Kanika plans to bring Cheeku to their location. Realizing she can assist Cheeku, Sumeet devises a plan to manipulate the goons into fighting each other while they are engaged in a card game. Sumeet convinces them to untie her hands, claiming that she can reveal the deceitful tactics employed by one of the players. Skillfully deceiving them, she manages to free herself from the restraints. The goon named Sarkar informs the group that the minister is unreachable, and Gunwanti and Mahendra join in criticizing Meet. Meanwhile, Yashoda prays fervently for Sumeet’s safety, and Cheeku also seeks divine intervention.

Despite her moral qualms about lying, Sumeet continues her ruse, using card tricks to instigate fights between the goons and divert their attention away from her escape. She realizes that she is resorting to falsehoods to protect Cheeku and keep him safe from their captors. Seizing the opportunity while the goons are distracted by their brawl, Sumeet seizes her chance and makes a swift getaway from the scene.

Kanika discovers that Sumeet has fled and promptly informs the minister. The minister reveals a plan to Kanika and instructs her to follow his directions. Meet confronts Manmeet, questioning how he could have allowed such a situation to unfold. Meet demands that Manmeet find out the minister’s location. Meanwhile, Sumeet desperately runs along the road, chased by a group of goons. In a stroke of luck, she manages to hide under a large basket, evading capture.

The minister puts on a facade of benevolence, distributing meals and donations to the local people. Manmeet and Meet arrive at the scene, surprising the minister. The minister is taken aback by their presence. Meanwhile, Sumeet continues to elude the pursuing goons.

Manmeet and Meet take action against the minister, physically confronting him and questioning his intentions to separate a mother from her child. Meet warns the minister that if he dares to harm Cheeku again, she will expose all of his nefarious activities to the public. Manmeet raises his voice, threatening to bring Sumeet back immediately. Meet approaches the media, declaring her intention to reveal the minister’s true nature to everyone.

In the midst of the chaos, Sumeet unexpectedly appears in front of Kanika’s car. The minister receives a call from Kanika, allowing Meet and Manmeet to overhear Sumeet’s desperate plea for help. They notice the sound of temple bells in the background and realize that Sumeet must be nearby. Meet and Manmeet rush to the location just as Kanika places Sumeet in the car and drives away. Sumeet throws her shoe on the way, catching Meet’s attention. The episode concludes with Meet spotting the discarded shoe.

[Episode End]

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