Meet 27 May 2023 Written Story Update

Meet 27 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Yashoda desperately pleading with Manmeet to go and rescue Sumeet. She emphasizes the importance of prioritizing his responsibilities as a father over the well-being of humanity. Manmeet finds himself torn and unable to convince himself either way. At that moment, Cheeky appears and kindly offers Manmeet a glass of water with a smile. Despite Cheeky’s gesture, Manmeet remains distraught and continues to weep. Meet, disguised as Kanika and wearing a Burkha, approaches and instructs a constable to inform the manager that Kanika has arrived. Meet wonders what business Kanika could have with the orphanage manager. Suddenly, Manmeet remembers Meet’s assurance that Cheeku will be safe as long as he is with him.

Manmeet accompanies Cheeku as they step outside. Meanwhile, Kanika receives a call from Mahendra, who informs her that Manmeet has agreed to deliver Cheeku to the kidnappers in exchange for Sumeet’s return.

Meet arrives to meet the manager and assumes the identity of Kanika. The manager pleads with her to help him secure his release from jail. As Manmeet departs from home, he receives a phone call from the kidnapper, disclosing the location where he must go. Manmeet vividly recalls Meet’s words about ensuring Cheeku’s safety. Filled with determination, he shouts that he refuses to go through with the deal and jeopardize the life of one child to save the other. He challenges the kidnappers to successfully rescue Sumeet while keeping Cheeku unharmed. Kanika becomes infuriated, and Sumeet playfully teases her, suggesting they watch cartoons together to lighten the mood.

Goons express their astonishment at encountering a girl like Sumeet for the first time. Meet decides to approach the foolish manager to extract information regarding Mohan’s death. The manager reveals how Kanika, in a fit of anger, had killed Mohan, while another child had managed to escape and seek refuge with Meet’s family. Before Meet can delve deeper into the matter, a constable interrupts, informing them that a lawyer has arrived to speak with the manager, necessitating Meet’s departure.

Yashoda forcefully drags Manmeet to Sarkar and discloses the truth about Sumeet’s kidnapping. Yashoda scolds Manmeet for not surrendering Cheeku to them as instructed. Manmeet assures her that he will ensure Sumeet’s safety at all costs.

Yashoda implores Sarkar for assistance, and he pledges to locate and rescue Sumeet. Sarkar promptly contacts a minister, seeking their aid in the matter. The minister proposes a trade-off: Sarkar must send Cheeku to Kanika, and in return, Sumeet will be returned safely. Sarkar deceives Manmeet by falsely claiming that the minister has agreed to safeguard both children. Manmeet expresses gratitude for Sarkar’s assistance, unaware of the latter’s vengeful intentions.

Sarkar, who feels immensely aggrieved by Manmeet’s previous actions, resolves to seek revenge. The minister instructs Kanika to take Sumeet to a designated location, where they will hand over Cheeku to her. Meet is shocked to discover that Kanika killed Mohan because he refused to beg, adding to his dismay.

Meet realizes that Cheeku is the missing child from the orphanage who had run away. Sarkar advises Manmeet to hand over Cheeku to the minister’s staff, assuring them that the minister will ensure his safety. Meanwhile, Gunwanti administers sleeping pills to Cheeku, causing him to fall asleep. Concerned about Kanika, Meet attempts to contact Manmeet to reveal the truth, but Manmeet fails to answer the call. At that moment, Kanika arrives and claims that she has been sent by the minister to retrieve Cheeku. Although hesitant, Manmeet ultimately places the sleeping Cheeku inside Kanika’s car. The episode concludes with Meet rushing home while Kanika drives away with Cheeku.

[Episode End]

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