Meet 10 June 2023 Written Story Update

Meet 10 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Sarkar making the surprising announcement that Meet will be their successor. This declaration agitates Mahendra, leading him to unleash his anger on Sarkar. However, Sarkar remains unperturbed and asserts that gender is irrelevant in this decision. The village has experienced positive changes under Meet’s influence, with girls aspiring to study and assert themselves. To Meet’s astonishment, the villagers erupt in cheer, showing their support for her.

Manmeet and Yashoda beam with happiness at this turn of events. Meet expresses her contentment with her family and conveys to Sarkar that she does not desire to become the new Sarkar. Yashoda attempts to persuade her, emphasizing that Meet has the capability to administer justice in the role.

Mahendra, as the elder son of Sarkar, vehemently opposes the decision and approaches Sarkar in a fit of rage. Manmeet intervenes and warns Mahendra against harming Sarkar, reminding him of the boundaries of their relationship. Yashoda removes the pagdi from Sarkar’s forehead and places it on Meet’s head. Despite this, Meet remains hesitant about accepting this new responsibility.

Manmeet, along with the villagers, fervently supports Meet as the new Sarkar. He directs her attention to the hopeful faces of the villagers, who believe in her ability to fulfill their dreams and advance the development of the village. Encouraged by Manmeet’s words, Meet reluctantly takes her seat on the chair, ready to embrace the role.

Mahendra and Gunwanti find themselves consumed by frustration as their plan backfires, fueling their desire for revenge against Sarkar and Meet. At Sarkar Mahal, Yashoda warmly welcomes Meet, Manmeet, Raj, and Sumeet back. Appreciating Sarkar’s decision, Yashoda assures him that he made the right choice. Seeking their blessings, Meet inquires about Mahendra’s whereabouts. Manmeet mischievously teases Meet and playfully pulls her closer, causing her to respond with a smile. She mentions that the children will soon arrive, but Manmeet playfully reveals that the kids are already asleep. Amidst their romantic banter, they savor joyful moments, accompanied by the melodious tune of “Tere Naam Ki” in the background. Yashoda lovingly feeds Sarkar as Mahendra abruptly enters the scene, discarding the food.

Mahendra confronts Sarkar, brandishing property papers while pointing a gun at him. Threatening Sarkar, he demands that he sign the documents with his thumbprint. Gunwanti restrains Yashoda and securely ties her to a chair. Concerned for Mahendra’s emotional well-being, Meet expresses her belief that he might have been hurt by Sarkar’s decision. Feeling responsible for causing a rift between father and son, as well as among the brothers, she confides in Manmeet. However, Manmeet asserts that it is Mahendra’s own misbehavior that led to this situation. Suddenly, Yashoda accidentally knocks over a vase, catching the attention of Meet and Manmeet. Seizing the opportunity, they manage to make Mahendra drop the gun. Meet reconciles Yashoda and Manmeet, while Manmeet passionately berates Mahendra for succumbing to his insatiable greed.

A heated altercation ensues between Mahendra and Manmeet, prompting Meet to warn them that she will involve the police if their wrongful acts persist. Mahendra instigates Manmeet to fight him, but Meet reminds him of the legal repercussions for mistreating one’s parents. Mahendra continues to argue, resulting in Yashoda slapping him in a fit of anger and demanding that he leave the house. Despite being a co-owner, Mahendra refuses to comply. Manmeet consoles Yashoda while Mahendra drowns his sorrows in alcohol, subjecting himself to ridicule from the onlookers. Just then, Shagun arrives on the scene, intervening to prevent further humiliation of Mahendra. The episode concludes with Shagun joining forces with Mahendra against Meet, setting the stage for further developments.

[Episode End]

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