Meet 14 June 2023 Written Story Update

Meet 14 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Mahendra urging Meet to make a decision regarding Yashoda’s situation, emphasizing that she cannot be released as she faces charges of domestic violence. Employing emotional manipulation, he pressures Meet to sell her factory and insists that she make her choice on the same day. Unbeknownst to them, Sumeet overhears their conversation. Meanwhile, Manmeet arrives at Gunwanti’s hospital room and discovers her attempting to take her own life. She pretends to cry and expresses her desire to no longer live with such disfigured skin. Despite Manmeet’s attempts to reason with her, Gunwanti continues to feign distress and demands that he leave.

Meet finds herself feeling powerless in the face of Mahendra’s ultimatum. He interprets her silence as a refusal to sacrifice her factory, thereby condemning Yashoda to remain in jail. Faced with no other choice, Meet agrees to sign over the factory. Sumeet, unable to contain her emotions, shouts that the factory is Meet’s dream and akin to a deity. However, Meet explains to Sumeet that family takes precedence over everything else and nothing should surpass the importance of family bonds. Meet conveys her readiness to sign, on the condition that Gunwanti withdraws the FIR she lodged against Yashoda. Mahendra reluctantly agrees and departs. Overwhelmed with emotion, Sumeet tearfully embraces Meet. Meanwhile, Manmeet inquires about Meet’s whereabouts from Sarkar. At that moment, Meet arrives, surprising the children who express joy upon seeing her. Meet reveals that she has brought Yashoda along, leaving everyone in a state of shock.

Sumeet and Raj brim with excitement as they welcome Yashoda back home, engulfing her in warm, joyful hugs. Yashoda respectfully touches Sarkar’s feet, seeking his blessings. Manmeet instructs the children to retreat to their room, then confronts Meet about Mahendra and Gunwanti’s sudden change of heart. Manmeet questions how they could have deviated from their steadfast stance against any alteration. Meet fabricates a tale, claiming that they eventually understood the importance of family and had a change of heart. However, Manmeet remains unconvinced by her response. Sarkar asserts his disbelief, his trust eroded. Yashoda, having given birth to Mahendra and well aware of his descent into the clutches of greed and revenge, states that it’s impossible for them to have agreed without striking a deal.

Manmeet urges Meet to meet his gaze, asserting that he can discern when she’s concealing something just by looking into her eyes. Yashoda places Meet’s hand on Manmeet’s head, beseeching her to reveal the truth. Meet’s silence leaves them all stunned. Shagun enters the scene, holding a model of the factory, and derisively laughs at their predicament. Manmeet demands to know what new drama she is orchestrating this time. Shagun claims that she has come to unveil the truth that even Meet couldn’t. She presents signed papers, evidencing Meet’s decision to sell the factory. Shagun declares that Meet has lost this time and departs, leaving the family behind.

Yashoda picks up the papers, berating Meet for her decision. She asserts that the factory was not just her dream but also the dream of all the women in the village. Yashoda implores Manmeet to make Meet understand the gravity of her incorrect decision and insists that she should have let Shagun remain in jail. Angered, Manmeet storms out, and Meet follows him. She soothes his frustration, and he shares his realization that the factory was both their dreams. However, Meet emphasizes the importance of family and asks if he will support her decision. The episode concludes with Manmeet finally agreeing with Meet.

[Episode End]

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