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Meet 07 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode Starts with Manmeet kneeling before Sarkar. Meet expresses her deep love for Manmeet and states that if her departure from his life would lead Manmeet back to Sarkar, she is willing to leave. Shagun informs Sarkar that he will regain his son, Cheeku, while Meet will have him, but she questions what will become of her revenge. Shagun declares that she will not return Cheeku and forcefully takes him along, holding a knife to his neck, threatening to harm him if anyone approaches. Sarkar reprimands her for changing her stance at the last moment, but Shagun pays no heed to his words.

Shagun proclaims that she will raise Cheeku in such a manner that years later, when Meet sees him, she will feel ashamed. In a swift move, Meet grabs some color and throws it into Shagun’s eyes. Seizing the opportunity, Meet frees Cheeku and sends him to Manmeet’s side. Meet fiercely confronts Shagun, inflicting a severe beating upon her before tossing her into the color. At that moment, the police arrive, presenting Manmeet with a stay order signed by the commissioner. The order states that Cheeku will remain with Meet, as she is his biological mother. Shagun shouts in frustration at her failure, while Meet proclaims that both Cheeku and Sumeet (referring to herself) are her pride and will always stay together. Before departing, Shagun warns them of seeking revenge and vows to return.

Meet embraces Cheeku tightly. Sarkar is on the verge of saying something, but Manmeet interrupts him, declaring that he has made a decision. He states that if he has to return to Sarkar Mahal without Meet, he will not go there, nor will he go anywhere else where his wife is disrespected. Manmeet emphasizes the importance of their children’s upbringing, emphasizing that they should not witness their mother being disrespected by family members. Manmeet informs Sarkar that he has lost him forever. He confesses his love and respect for Sarkar but firmly states that he cannot accompany him. Manmeet departs with Meet and Cheeku, leaving Sarkar speechless and without a response.

Yashoda devoutly prays to Lord Krishna, seeking the safety and unity of her family. In the midst of her prayers, Sarkar arrives, glancing around anxiously for Manmeet and Meet. He informs Yashoda that Manmeet has left their home to be with his wife. Sarkar suggests that Yashoda emotionally manipulate Manmeet and convince him to return home. However, Yashoda insists that Sarkar must first address her concerns. She questions what he has done to drive Manmeet to such a drastic decision. Overwhelmed with frustration, Yashoda vents her anger towards Sarkar but ultimately accepts Manmeet’s choice, acknowledging that Sarkar has not only lost his son but also his wife.

Yashoda then suggests that Sarkar can bring a new wife into their household, as she herself will leave and go to stay with Manmeet. Hoshiyar advises Meet and Manmeet to stay at the Alhwat house. Meanwhile, Masoom confides in Cheeku and Sumeet about her daughter’s trauma, caused by the torment inflicted upon them by Shagun. Cheeku consoles Sumeet in this difficult situation. In another part of the house, Mahendra scolds Gunwanti, blaming her sister Shagun for all the problems they are facing. The family contemplates the potential loss of everything they hold dear.

In an attempt to bring Manmeet and Meet back home, Gunwanti and Mahendra conspire to hurt Sarkar or Yashoda. However, Sumeet and Cheeku abruptly enter the room and inform Meet that they will be sleeping together. The episode concludes with all of them finding solace and happiness in each other’s embrace, cuddling together affectionately.

[Episode End]

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