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Meet 19 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with a discussion among the household staff about Sumeet, who hasn’t yet awakened to prepare for college. Cheeku ventures into Sumeet’s room and rouses her from slumber by melodiously singing a Lohri tune. Sumeet awakens and realizes she is running late for her college performance, prompting her to hasten her preparations.

Raj promptly informs the college authorities of the need to delay the farewell performance by an hour, threatening to withhold any donations to the college if they don’t comply. Masoom’s husband queries Raj about rescheduling a business meeting to attend Sumeet’s college function. In response, Raj asserts that he is first and foremost Sumeet’s brother before being a business partner. Masoom voices her concerns about Sumeet’s behavior to Dadi.

Meanwhile, at the college, Sumeet publicly expresses her aspiration to become her mother, Meet Hooda. Dadi, Masoom, and Masoom’s husband observe the performance from home. Masoom compares the lifestyles of both Meet and Sumeet, asserting that the latter can never emulate Meet. Raj commends Sumeet, stating that she doesn’t need to become like Meet because she already possesses her own unique identity as Sumeet. He then grants Sumeet permission to celebrate with her friends, on the condition that she brings Poonam along. Sumeet consents to the arrangement.

In the confines of her home, Masoom eagerly awaits the marriage of her daughter, Vani, hoping it will happen soon. Sensing her mother’s concerns, Vani reassures Masoom not to worry about her marital prospects, a sentiment echoed by her father. Meanwhile, Sumeet’s friends commend her for suggesting that Poonam should enjoy the party’s reserved hotel, initially booked by Raj. As she observes the scene, Sumeet witnesses the hotel owner scolding an elderly man for his alleged incompetence. Moved by the situation, Sumeet takes action by playing the dhol and compelling the restaurant owner to apologize to the elderly gentleman. This selfless act is witnessed by Sumeet’s admirer, who joins in praising her alongside her friends.

One of Sumeet’s friends playfully teases her about how her brother spoils her, urging her to break free from Raj’s influence and explore the world on her own terms. Just then, Poonam informs Sumeet that she is stuck in traffic, causing Sumeet to worry that Poonam may not reach her house in time. Offering a solution, her friend volunteers to book a cab for her, an offer Sumeet readily accepts. Excitedly, her friend promises to make the cab ride a memorable one.

As Sumeet waits for her cab, her admirer arrives on a bike, revealing that he is the one assigned to drive her home. He commends Sumeet for her assistance to the elderly man and happily accompanies her. During the ride, he seizes the opportunity to express his feelings for Sumeet, leaving her with a sense of contentment before departing.

Upon reaching home, Sumeet reunites with Poonam. However, Raj’s arrival raises suspicion as he questions Poonam’s decision to let Sumeet exit the car. To protect Poonam, Sumeet fabricates a lie, deflecting Raj’s inquiries. Inside the house, Vani notices Sumeet’s hand and deduces that she played the dhol to assist someone. Upset, she reprimands Sumeet, revealing her awareness of her sister’s selfless act. Sumeet manages to calm Vani and helps her prepare for an upcoming meeting with a prospective groom and his family.

Later, Sumeet proudly shares Vani’s achievements with the potential suitor and his family. However, as they inspect Vani’s belongings, the groom’s mother discovers her hearing aid and demands a higher dowry for her son to marry Vani. Despite Masoom’s initial agreement, Vani bravely refuses to comply. Raj and Sumeet stand by Vani’s decision, leading the groom’s family to leave. Masoom, consumed by anger, directs her frustration towards Sumeet, blaming her for Vani’s hearing loss. Sumeet feels saddened by her mother’s harsh words. Raj attempts to defend Sumeet, but she interrupts him, choosing to bear the weight of Masoom’s accusations alone. Determined to prove herself, Masoom challenges Sumeet to organize Vani’s wedding before Meet’s birthday, which is just seven days away. Sumeet promises to fulfill her mother’s demand.

[Episode End]

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