Meet 20 May 2023 Written Story Update

Meet 20 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The inspector informed Meet that there had been a complaint from a parent about a missing child, and they had discovered that Chiku was the missing child in question. Chiku became scared and hugged Meet tightly. Meet questioned why Chiku would be scared if he had run away from his house, suggesting that he might be running away from danger. The inspector suggested bringing Chiku’s parents in for questioning. A couple entered the room, and the lady rushed towards Chiku. Meet intervened, asking the couple to wait for a moment, stating that they couldn’t hand over the child without evidence. Meet proceeded to ask the couple a few questions about Chiku, including whether he had a birthmark. The lady confirmed the birthmark on Chiku’s left hand and pointed out his mole as well. Gunwanti, Chiku’s caretaker, tried to give him to the couple, but Chiku became scared. Meet questioned why Chiku would be afraid if they were his parents and asked Chiku directly if they were his parents. Gunwanti claimed that Chiku was merely acting. Manmeet reassured Chiku and told him to answer honestly, assuring him that they were there for him. Meet then asked Chiku to give them a signal if the couple were his parents. The lady approached Meet and offered an explanation, saying that she understood his concerns and would reveal the reason for Chiku’s fear. Meet decided to accompany them to hear their side of the story. The lady explained that Chiku was scared because he wasn’t safe with his own family. She revealed that when Chiku was two years old, his uncle had kidnapped him and kept him hidden. The uncle had taken revenge due to a property dispute. The lady broke down in tears while explaining that Chiku hadn’t seen them for seven years, which was why he was scared. The man presented legal documents and Chiku’s birth certificate as proof. Meanwhile, Meet received a call from Chanda, who informed her that the child who had run away was intelligent and had won several competitions. Meet disconnected the call and realized that Chiku couldn’t speak, indicating that he wasn’t the child who had run away from the orphanage. Meet informed the couple that they could take their child with them. The lady thanked her and approached Chiku, but he became scared and pushed her away, rushing back to Meet. The lady tried to convince Chiku that she was his mother and they should go home, but he remained fearful. Meet asked them to stop and informed the inspector that Chiku was being chased by dangerous individuals, making it a sensitive matter. Meet insisted on a proper investigation before allowing Chiku to leave. Mahendra expressed his belief that the parents should be allowed to take Chiku, but Meet disagreed, stating that a DNA test would provide the conclusive answer. She insisted that Chiku could only leave after the DNA test results were available, emphasizing the sensitivity and importance of the case for the child’s future. Meet offered them to stay as guests if they wished. Sarkar taunted Meet and left the room. Meet assured Chiku that even though they were not biologically related, she would not let him fall into the wrong hands.

Kanika reprimands the Inspector, who defends himself, saying that attempting to force the culprits would have jeopardized his job. Kanika counters, warning him that his job is still at risk if the minister fails to retrieve the child. The Inspector reassures her, stating that he will bring the child back with a DNA report. Kanika expresses concern, noting Meet’s intelligence and the possibility of her suspecting something within two days if the actors make a mistake.

Gunwanti serves milk to Sarkar, and Saya is advised not to inform her if the milk is diluted because Meet has taken everything for her guests. Jasodha suggests that helping her instead of interfering would be more beneficial. Mahendra voices his opinion to Sarkar, claiming that Meet is playing politics within the house and constantly offers unsolicited advice to everyone. Jasodha defends Meet, stating that she is merely trying to help an orphaned child and questions what wrong she has done to Sarkar. Sarkar retorts, asking Jasodha if she believes that Meet will become virtuous by showing sympathy to a child, emphasizing that Meet is searching for her own first child. Jasodha argues that if that is the case, then there is nothing wrong with her actions, as any mother would do the same in her situation. Sarkar angrily throws a glass, expressing frustration at how Meet’s motherhood is acknowledged while his own son is always prioritized by her.

Chiku was in a room with a man and a lady. Suddenly, Meet entered the room and handed a glass of milk to Chiku. Meet tried to walk away, but he grabbed hold of Lady’s dupatta, preventing her from leaving. The Lady reassured Chiku, saying, “Let aunty go, we are here with you.” Meet added, “Your parents are here, you are safe.” Meet then proceeded to walk away, mentioning that he needed to find Sumeet’s book. As he approached the table, he surreptitiously placed his phone on record and left the room. Later, Meet watched the recorded footage on her tablet, using it to spy on the others.

The Lady, feeling anxious, urged Chiku to drink her milk. However, Chiku refused to comply. Sensing her resistance, the Lady suggested going to bed instead. She kindly assisted Chiku in getting into bed. Meet, who was observing the situation closely, wondered why Chiku seemed unhappy upon seeing her mother. Chiku appeared frightened, his gaze fixed on a particular corner of the room. Meet followed his line of sight and wondered what had captured his attention. It was then that Chiku noticed Sumeet hiding inside the cupboard.

Concerned, the Lady advised Chiku to close her eyes. Meanwhile, Sumeet attempted to calm Chiku down. The Lady instructed the man to close the cupboard, and as he did so, Sumeet became trapped inside. Locked in the cupboard, Sumeet pondered how to escape from this predicament.

[Episode End]

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