Meet 18 June 2023 Written Story Update

Meet 18 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Meet lying unconscious as he is forcefully abducted. Chanda witnesses the incident and attempts to trail Gunwanti, the kidnapper. Eventually, Meet is taken to a location where Sumeet is also held captive. In a tense moment, Mahendra aims a gun at Sarkar, while Sumeet desperately calls out for Meet. Summoning his last bit of strength, Meet rises weakly and endeavors to rescue Sarkar from Mahendra’s clutches. Observing the unfolding events, Chanda promptly contacts Manmeet to apprise him of the situation. Raj approaches Manmeet, inquiring about their well-being, to which Manmeet assures him that he will bring back Sumeet and Meet unharmed. Mahendra and Gunwanti derive amusement from Meet’s feeble state. Seizing a stone, Gunwanti intervenes and causes Mahendra to drop his weapon.

With newfound resolve, Meet retrieves the gun and warns Mahendra to keep his distance from Sarkar. Meet reassures Sumeet, urging her not to be frightened. In a surprising turn of events, Sarkar rises from his chair and reveals his true colors. He confesses that he had never changed, and the entire charade orchestrated by Mahendra and Gunwanti was carried out under his instructions. Furthermore, Sarkar discloses that Sumeet stumbled upon his scheme when she overheard his vengeful plans while she was asleep. Sporting a sinister smirk, Sarkar beseeches Meet not to disclose this revelation to Manmeet, as it would shatter his hope in their father-son relationship.

Sarkar mercilessly shoves Meet into a filthy puddle of muddy water, causing her to struggle desperately as she sinks deeper. With each futile attempt to escape, Meet pleads with Sarkar to spare Sumeet. The water rises, engulfing her until it reaches her neck, and she tragically drowns within its depths. Sarkar revels in his cruel triumph, laughing callously, and eventually departs, leaving Sumeet precariously positioned above a boiling water source.

Once Sarkar and his accomplice leave the scene, Meet resurfaces with immense effort, managing to extricate herself from the treacherous puddle. Despite her own perilous situation, Meet gathers her strength and reassures Sumeet not to lose hope. She promises to protect her and urges her to confront life’s challenges head-on, reminding her to always affirm her own capabilities and determination. Sumeet repeats these affirmations, finding solace and courage in them.

In a heroic act, Meet successfully saves Sumeet from imminent danger, but in the process, she collapses unconscious. At that moment, Sarkar returns, brandishing a gun and taking aim at them. However, Manmeet arrives on the scene and swiftly intervenes, kicking Sarkar away and threatening him in defense of Meet and Sumeet. Manmeet disarms Sarkar by throwing the gun aside, and he suggests to Meet that they should escape from that place and find safety elsewhere.

Unbeknownst to them, Sarkar cunningly retrieves the discarded weapon, vowing not to let Meet slip away from his grasp. He takes aim at Meet once more, but Manmeet valiantly steps in front, sacrificing himself to shield her. Falling unconscious, Manmeet becomes a casualty of Sarkar’s violent intentions. In a final act of desperation, Sarkar intends to eliminate everyone and directs his gun toward Meet, but Cheeku intervenes, hurling a stone at Sarkar, causing him to stumble and fall onto a jagged rock. Both Sarkar and Manmeet succumb to their wounds, breathing their last breaths.

With Sumeet’s well-being in mind, Meet instructs Cheeku not to disclose the truth about him attacking Sarkar. She selflessly decides to take the blame and accept imprisonment, assuring Cheeku that he must protect Sumeet at all costs. Meet implores Cheeku to take Sumeet to Alhwat’s house, making him promise to keep Meet’s incarceration a secret. She lovingly encourages Cheeku to thrive and care for Sumeet, expressing her deep affection for both of them.

[Episode End]

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