Meet 22 June 2023 Written Story Update

Meet 22 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Raj shouting at Shlok upon witnessing him embracing Sumeet. In a fit of anger, Raj attempts to attack Shlok, but Sumeet intervenes and reveals that Shlok is Abhay’s cousin who came to inform them that Abhay’s mother has already accepted the alliance for Vani. Realizing the misunderstanding, Raj asks Sumeet to go inside and share the good news with everyone. He apologizes to Shlok and extends an invitation for him to join them indoors, but Shlok decides to leave.

Masoom becomes ecstatic and expresses her disbelief that Vani is getting married to the person she loves. Vani acknowledges that Abhay’s mother must have agreed due to Sumeet’s influence. Masoom adds that despite being weak, Sumeet shares similarities with Meet.

Meanwhile, Shagun comes across the family photos of Meet and contemplates how Meet had kept them for years. She resolves to make Sumeet face numerous challenges throughout her life, believing that not even Raj can help her. Sumeet ponders over Shagun’s words, reflecting on her own doubts about her ability to sell flowers. She considers how Meet would have handled the situation differently. Just then, Shlok calls Sumeet, offering compliments and encouragement, highlighting her unwavering determination.

Abhay and Vani, on the other hand, are busy trying on their outfits for the engagement ceremony.

Abhay arrives at the engagement ceremony accompanied by his father. Masoom inquires about his mother, to which his father responds that his wife has taken an oath not to attend any of the functions until they are all completed, in order to ward off any evil eyes. Abhay reveals that she is his stepmother but still cares deeply for him. Concerned, Masoom asks Raj if there is something wrong, and he reassures her that he will ensure nothing goes amiss with Vani. Abhay’s father instructs Shlok to fetch the Shagun items from the car, and Sumeet follows him. She points out Meet’s bike to Shlok and expresses her desire to ride it, just like her mother. Dadi informs Raj that one bag of Shagun money is missing.

Sumeet asks Shlok for his assistance in learning how to ride the bike. He agrees, and she gives him one of the money bags containing 51 rupees as a good luck token from her own earnings. Raj notices the money bag in Shlok’s pocket and misunderstands, thinking he stole it. The priest announces that Vani and Abhay’s horoscopes match and suggests a wedding date seven days later. At this moment, Shagun asks the priest to match her horoscope with Sumeet’s. The priest reveals that she was born during an auspicious time but will have to face numerous challenges in the future. Shagun imagines Sumeet as her servant and laughs at her own fate.

Shlok begins teaching Sumeet how to ride the bike, but she falls when she tries to ride alone. Wonder boy’s photos fall out of her bag, and Shlok teases her, asking if she is a fan. Sumeet recalls that he works at the same office and asks him if he knows who the wonder boy is. They engage in a pleasant conversation, and Sumeet implores him to reveal the wonder boy’s identity. He playfully tricks Sumeet into believing that he is the wonder boy himself. Later, Shlok’s friend informs him that Sumeet will discover the truth in two days, but he suggests that two days are enough time to fall in love. The episode concludes with both Sumeet and Shlok dancing joyfully in their respective places.

[Episode End]

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