Meet 30 May 2023 Written Story Update

Meet 30 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Manmeet captivating Sumeet with a bedtime story in an effort to lull her to sleep. Meet enters the room and joyfully observes the scene. Manmeet mentions that despite the challenges they have faced, Sumeet persistently yearned for Cheeku, leading him to tell her a story to ease her into slumber. While searching for his night suit in the cupboard, Manmeet realizes it’s missing. Meet playfully teases him about his childlike behavior. Manmeet affectionately embraces Meet and suggests that they start preparing to bring a younger brother for Sumeet, playfully teasing Meet in the process. Meet reminds him that Sumeet already has an elder brother, Cheeku, and proposes the idea of adopting him. This suggestion dampens Manmeet’s spirits, causing him to leave the room.

Gunwanti urges Mahendra to quit consuming alcohol. Seizing the opportunity, she suggests that he approach Manmeet and Meet to claim a share in their medicine factory. Gunwanti stirs Mahendra’s emotions, encouraging him to butter up Meet if necessary. Unbeknownst to them, Duggu overhears their conversation and excitedly repeats the same idea. Hoshiyar intervenes, reminding Duggu that buttering up others is his mother’s exclusive domain. Duggu reveals that he overheard Gunwanti’s plan to butter up Meet in order to secure a share in the medicine factory. This revelation leaves Hoshiyar flabbergasted, and Gunwanti becomes agitated, asserting that she is the rightful claimant to the share since the factory was her late brother’s dream. Hoshiyar cautions her against pursuing such a course of action.

Manmeet grabs Meet’s hand and pulls her closer, a surge of excitement coursing through him. With a heartfelt expression, he confesses that his love for her is intensifying with each passing day and will continue to grow. However, Meet interjects, her curiosity piqued by unanswered questions. She probes Manmeet about his abrupt departure the previous night, seeking an explanation for his sudden disappearance.

Meanwhile, Gunwanti, determined to impress Meet, decides to showcase her culinary skills by preparing a delicious halwa. On the other hand, Masoom, aware of Meet’s preferences, strategizes to outshine Gunwanti in this competition to win Meet’s favor. Unfortunately, both Gunwanti and Masoom’s efforts take an unfortunate turn when they accidentally drop the dishes they were carrying for Meet.

Manmeet opens up to Meet, expressing his fondness for Cheeku but revealing his hesitation to share his love with the child. He confesses his unpreparedness to adopt and his underlying insecurity about his ability to provide adequate love and care to both Sumeet and Cheeku. Meet attempts to reassure and convince him, instilling confidence in his ability to love both of them equally and sincerely.

Unbeknownst to them, Gunwanti overhears their conversation and rushes to Yashoda to share the same information, inadvertently revealing Manmeet’s concerns and uncertainties.

Sumeet manages to persuade Manmeet in a kind and convincing manner to bring Cheeku home. Upon learning about Manmeet’s intention to adopt Cheeku, Sarkar becomes infuriated. He expresses his anger by throwing things around and eventually grabs hold of Cheeku’s locket. Despite Sarkar’s outburst, Manmeet assures Sumeet that he will bring Cheeku home. While examining the locket, Manmeet discovers a photo of Meet and her deceased husband, leading him to realize that Cheeku is actually Meet’s long-lost son.

Sarkar believes that Meet is unaware of this truth and becomes determined to prevent their reunion. Meet and Manmeet decide to go to the orphanage to officially adopt Cheeku. However, the manager informs them that they must wait until the adoption procedure is complete. In the meantime, Cheeku expresses his love for Meet and affectionately calls her “Mumma.” Overwhelmed with joy, Meet happily embraces him. The episode concludes with Sarkar scheming against Meet, plotting to create obstacles in their path.

[Episode End]

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