Meet 05 June 2023 Episode Written Update

Meet 05 June 2023 Episode Written Update On

The episode commences with Manmeet issuing a distressing ultimatum, threatening self-harm if anyone dares to approach Meet and Cheeku. Despite Mahendra’s efforts to intervene, Manmeet remains steadfast in his resolve. Mahendra takes a stand against the goons, preventing them from advancing further. Manmeet instructs Meet to flee with Cheeku, emphasizing that he must become a human shield to intercept any potential bullets aimed at Meet. Meet swiftly takes control of the jeep and escapes with Cheeku.

Meanwhile, Shagun anxiously awaits Meet’s arrival at the Alhwat mansion. Upon witnessing Meet and Cheeku’s arrival, they notice a police van stationed there and discreetly decide to depart from the scene. Shagun confidently asserts that Meet will undoubtedly arrive at their location because Sumeet is present there.

Unbeknownst to them, Sumeet spots Cheeku and Meet as they enter the Alhwat house and realizes she must halt Meet’s progress. Sumeet intentionally drops a vase, creating a commotion to alert Meet. Shagun directs her anger towards Sumeet, chastising her harshly. Meet becomes aware of Shagun’s presence, prompting him to swiftly retreat with Cheeku, seeking refuge in another hiding place.

Meanwhile, Sarkar and Manmeet arrive at the Alhwat Mansion, with Manmeet becoming aware that Meet and Cheeku are in close proximity. Sarkar accuses Manmeet of enabling Meet and Cheeku’s escape. Determined to ensure Meet’s successful concealment, Manmeet contemplates taking decisive action. He scoffs at Shaun, mocking her for consistently losing to Meet.

Shagun approaches Sumeet and implores her to divulge Meet’s whereabouts.

Shagun attempts to deceive Sumeet by suggesting that Meet will now be loved more by Cheeku because he is her first child, as parents typically favor their firstborn. Manmeet advises Sumeet not to trust Shagun’s words. Despite Manmeet’s warning, Shagun persistently tries to manipulate Sumeet into revealing Meet’s whereabouts. Sumeet assures her that her mother loves her immensely and has taken Cheeku to Guruji’s ashram. Manmeet winks at Sumeet, satisfied that they have successfully fooled Shagun. Shagun instructs the police to accompany Manmeet to the ashram, while she herself heads there. She tells Sarkar to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Before leaving, Manmeet drops the car keys and signals Meet to take them. Meet realizes they belong to Sarkar’s car and hides inside it along with Cheeku. Shagun and Manmeet arrive near the location, and Manmeet claims it’s further away. Shagun notices Manmeet’s phone reflecting in the mirror and understands that he is deceiving them. She recalls Sumeet mentioning that she overheard Manmeet talking on the phone, even though his phone was switched off. Shagun realizes that both Manmeet and Sumeet tricked her and angrily throws away Manmeet’s phone. She orders them to take Manmeet to the Alhwat house. Manmeet beats up everyone and points a gun at Shaun’s head. He instructs Badri to tie up the police and constables.

Manmeet aims the gun at Shagun and forces her to tie up Badri. He makes everyone sit on the floor and proceeds to tie Shagun’s hands as well. Shagun continues to shout that she will still take Cheeku. Manmeet leaves all of them tied up and departs. Sarkar opens the door and encounters individuals from the pest control service who inform him to close all the windows and doors due to poisonous gas. Manmeet goes to the police commissioner and requests his signature on the stay order. The commissioner denies the request, but Manmeet persists in persuading him. Meanwhile, Meet tries to shield Cheeku from inhaling the gas and eventually faints herself. The episode concludes with Cheeku stepping out of the car in search of help to save Meet.

[Episode End]

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