Meet 11 June 2023 Written Story Update

Meet 11 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Shagun leading a heavily intoxicated Mahendra with her. In his inebriated state, Mahendra implores Shagun to exploit his vulnerability by revealing her intentions. Seizing the opportunity, Shagun instigates him against Sarkar and Meet, emphasizing that her assistance will secure his rights and empower Gunwanti to dominate the household, while Meet faces consequences for her actions. Mahendra, overwhelmed upon hearing Meet’s name, becomes hysterical and demands the car be stopped. Shagun then informs Mahendra about the prospects of acquiring both property and Meet’s factory, emphasizing that Meet’s weakness lies in the laws. She strategizes to exploit this vulnerability for her personal gain.

Shagun proceeds to divulge her plan against Meet, seeking Mahendra’s agreement. He readily consents, consumed by a burning desire for revenge. Recognizing the advantage of having Mahendra within the house, Shagun believes she will gain access to valuable information, enabling her to exact revenge upon Meet without hindrance. Subsequently, Mahendra returns home and reveals the plan to Gunwanti, urging her to initiate its execution the following day. Gunwanti smirks, relishing the upcoming events. Unaware of their conversation, Meet arrives at the scene, prompting Mahendra to interrogate her presence and instruct her to leave.

Meet approaches Mahendra, acknowledging his anger but emphasizing that it doesn’t change the fact that they are family. She suggests that it’s better to resolve family issues internally and urges him to reconsider his decision, warning him against doing something he might regret later. Despite Meet’s plea, Mahendra and Gunwanti insist that she leave the room. Undeterred, Meet decides to tell a story to Raj and Sumeet to help them fall asleep. However, their peaceful moment is interrupted by Manmeet, who arrives with ice cream, causing the children to wake up immediately. Raj and Sumeet happily share different flavors of ice cream with each other. Observing Meet’s distress, Manmeet approaches her and inquires about the reason behind her upset.

Surprised by Manmeet’s uncanny ability to sense her thoughts, Meet questions how he always seems to know when something is bothering her. Manmeet replies that he can read her eyes, suggesting a deep level of understanding between them. Inspired by this connection, Meet proposes the idea of making Mahendra her business partner. She suggests they work together to shoulder the responsibilities entrusted to her by Sarkar. Manmeet praises Meet for her unique thinking and supports her decision. Meanwhile, Yashoda confronts Gunwanti about her missing bangles. Gunwanti puts on a dramatic performance, gathering all the villagers and accusing Yashoda of intentionally framing her to force her out of the house.

Gunwanti manipulates the situation, instructing the villagers to search Yashoda’s room for the missing bangles. Secretly, Gunwanti hides the bangles under Yashoda’s pillow, creating a false impression that Yashoda is at fault. Satisfied with her deceitful plan’s success, Gunwanti smirks. Just then, Meet arrives on the scene and is shocked to see a gathering of villagers at her house. Before she can intervene, someone wearing a veil stops Shagun and begins accusing her of stealing the bangles. Meet unveils the person’s veil, revealing herself, which shocks Shagun. Blaming Shagun for the theft, Meet demands the return of her bangles. Meet pretends to cry and then surprises Shagun by presenting her with tickets to America, instructing her to leave their lives. As the episode concludes, Shagun raises her hand to strike Meet, but Meet firmly holds her hand, preventing the blow.

[Episode End]

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