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Meet 02 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Meet approaching Sarkar, filled with questions regarding his actions. She demands to know why he concealed the truth about Cheeku being her son and why he swapped his belongings with another child. Meet reminds Sarkar that he had obtained Cheeku’s locket, questioning his motive for keeping the truth hidden. Mahendra interjects, challenging Meet’s right to question Sarkar. Just then, a servant arrives and hands over DNA reports to Meet. Overwhelmed, Meet examines the reports and sinks down, overcome with emotions. Manmeet inquires about the contents of the report. Tearfully, Meet reveals that the report confirms Cheeku is her biological son. Memories of Cheeku calling her “mumma” and their cherished moments together flood her mind, causing her to cry tears of joy.

As Sarkar prepares to depart, Meet intercepts him, insisting that he provide an explanation for his actions. Sarkar confesses that his intention was to inflict suffering upon Meet, as she had taken Manmeet away from him. Thus, he retaliated by separating her from her own son. He maliciously curses Meet, predicting that she will endure the pain of being distanced from her child. Determined, Meet vows not to let anyone separate her from Cheeku. Sarkar callously remarks that Cheeku is already moving away from her. Just then, Cheeku arrives with a blindfold covering his eyes. Meet questions why he is wearing it. Cheeku responds, stating that he only wants to see Meet’s face because she is his one and only mother, and nobody else.

Shagun’s sudden arrival sends shockwaves through the entire family, leaving everyone surprised. She proceeds to distribute sweets and personally feeds each family member, expressing her happiness as she announces that she has finally obtained custody of her son. Sarkar lightens the mood by cracking a joke and indulging in the sweets.

Shagun confides in Meet, revealing that she believes adopting Cheeku has deprived her of motherhood. Meet embraces Cheeku, who appears frightened in the midst of the tension. To everyone’s astonishment, Shagun abruptly extinguishes the sacred havan fire meant for the puja. Meet watches on in disbelief as Shagun shatters a pot, asserting her claim as Cheeku’s mother, dismissing Meet’s maternal bond. Meet counters by presenting a DNA report that proves she is Cheeku’s biological mother.

However, Shagun presents official adoption papers, insisting that she is legally recognized as Cheeku’s mother. Manmeet questions Shagun’s motives, urging her to seek revenge from him instead of Meet and Cheeku. Shagun challenges him to plead with her, but her request only infuriates Manmeet. Meet recounts how Shagun tore Manmeet away from his wrestling dreams, blaming her for their separation. Shagun retorts that she has fulfilled her revenge by snatching away Meet’s love, and now she intends to take away her child. She coldly informs them that her purpose in coming was solely to notify them of her plan to take Cheeku away, and she asserts her legal right to do so.

Cheeku cries as Shagun tries to coerce him into leaving with her. She declares that within 48 hours, she will whisk him away to America, confidently stating that she has emerged victorious in the battle. Shagun spitefully informs Meet that she will spend the rest of her life in tears. Meet, desperate to prevent her son from being taken away, falls to her knees and pleads with Shagun to reconsider. Manmeet confronts Sarkar, questioning his allegiance and whether he stands with Shagun. Sarkar reveals that he will side with anyone who opposes Meet Hooda because he believes she must experience the pain of separation.

The episode concludes with Gunwanti and Yashoda offering words of encouragement to Meet, urging her to gather the strength to reclaim her son from Shagun.

[Episode End]

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