Meet 29 May 2023 Written Story Update

Meet 29 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Meet and Maneet discovering the shoe and the clue left by Sumeet. They diligently follow the trail of oil poured on the road, determined to uncover Sumeet’s whereabouts. At a certain point, they decide to take separate paths in their quest to find Sumeet. Simultaneously, the villains shatter the bottles containing dangerous acids, which were suspended above Sumeet’s head. Miraculously, Sumeet manages to evade harm on each occasion.

Just as the situation intensifies, Meet arrives at the scene and spots Sumeet. However, Kanika seizes Meet, holding her captive and issuing threats for foiling her nefarious plan. In the nick of time, Maneet arrives with the police, resulting in the arrest of Kanika and her accomplices.

Concerned for Chiku’s well-being, Sumeet inquires about his condition. Maneet reassures her that Meet saved Chiku from harm. Sumeet commends Meet for her valiant struggle against the goons, comparing her to a superwoman, and wonders how she accomplished it. Meet advises Sumeet to always confront her problems head-on. Together, Meet and Maneet escort Sumeet back home, where Sumeet and Chiku embrace each other, relieved to be reunited and safe. Yashoda warmly embraces Sumeet, expressing her joy.

Meanwhile, Gunvati becomes anxious that Kanika might divulge their involvement in Sumeet’s kidnapping. Mahendra reassures her, but Gunvati remains dismayed that their plan failed. Seeking answers, she questions Meet about her act of performing Chiku’s aarti. Meet explains that she believes everyone deserves God’s blessings, hence her actions.

Sumeet expresses his strong desire for Chiku to stay with them. However, Yashoda explains that Chiku is merely their guest and should return to his own family. Despite Yashoda’s explanation, Sumeet remains stubborn and insists that Chiku should stay. Just then, the inspector arrives accompanied by the new manager of the orphanage, intending to take Chiku back. This sudden development shocks both Sumeet and Chiku. Sensing the gravity of the situation, Yashoda implores Sumeet to let Chiku go. Meet, on the other hand, questions the manager about why Chiku can’t stay with them. Gunvati takes this opportunity to taunt Meet, criticizing his penchant for making new rules.

Maneet tries to persuade Sumeet to let Chiku return to the orphanage. Curiously, when Sumeet asks Maneet why he can’t prevent Chiku from leaving, Maneet remains silent. As the inspector and the manager begin to forcefully take Chiku away, Chiku cries out for his mother, which deeply affects Meet. Acting on her emotions, Chiku runs back and embraces Meet. Sumeet joins in the hug, but Meet eventually breaks free and wipes away her tears. She promises Chiku that she will make an effort to visit him daily. Despite their heartfelt connection, Chiku is forcibly taken away from them. Meet and Sumeet watch him leave, tears streaming down their faces.

Meanwhile, Yashoda discovers Mahendra consuming alcohol and inquires about his distress. Mahendra reveals that Maneet and Meet shattered his dream of opening an alcohol factory and earning millions, showing her newspaper articles about the success of Meet and Maneet’s medicine factory and a significant deal they are about to sign. Yashoda defends Maneet and Meet, highlighting their hard work for the factory’s success. She scolds Mahendra for harboring jealousy towards his own brother and reminds him that the factory belongs to all of them as a family. In a fit of anger, Mahendra accuses Yashoda of favoring Maneet and Meet over him and yells at her, demanding that she leave. Yashoda seeks support from Gunvati to reason with Mahendra.

Meanwhile, Sumeet remains resolute in his determination to see Chiku. Meet assures Sumeet that she will bring Chiku back, but Maneet surprises her by stating that Chiku won’t return. Puzzled by Maneet’s sudden stance, Meet wonders why he doesn’t want Chiku to come back to their family.

[Episode End]

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