Meet 06 June 2023 Written Story Update

Meet 06 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Meet inadvertently inhaling the fumes of the pesticide-laden gas, causing her to lose consciousness. Filled with panic, Cheeku witnesses Meet’s unconscious state and hastily exits the car to seek assistance. Taking advantage of the situation, Sarkar opens the car door and steps outside, but Sumeet manages to conceal Cheeku just in time. Anxious to help Meet, Cheeku informs Sumeet about her condition and the urgent need for water.

Sumeet instructs Cheeku to attend to Meet while she retrieves the water. Deep down, she hopes for Manmeet’s prompt return, realizing the gravity of the situation at hand. Sumeet enters the house and pretends to cough, attempting to divert attention. Sarkar, suspicious of Sumeet’s behavior, urges them to provide her with water. Handing her a water bottle, he watches as she starts making her way outside with it.

Curiosity piqued, Sarkar questions Sumeet’s intentions and her sudden departure. Sumeet hastily concocts an excuse, mentioning her desire to enjoy some fresh air in the garden. Meanwhile, Cheeku and Sumeet sprinkle water on Meet’s face, successfully reviving her from her unconscious state. Delighted, Cheeku breaks into a smile, relieved to see Meet regain consciousness. Instructing Sumeet to return indoors before leaving, the three of them share a heartfelt embrace.

Elsewhere, Badri aids Shagun in her escape by utilizing a lighter to free her from the restraints. Shagun effectively burns through the rope binding her. Observing Sumeet emerging from the car, Masoom deduces that Meet is present, and Manmeet had deceived Shagun. Sumeet receives food, prompting her to consider the hunger that Meet and Cheeku must be experiencing. Abruptly, the electricity abruptly goes out, plunging the surroundings into complete darkness.

Sumeet found herself surrounded by a group of people dressed in black attire and wearing masks. They were incessantly ringing bells, causing a disturbance. Sumeet covered her ears, but unfortunately, Masoom’s daughter fainted due to the commotion. It was revealed that Shagun was orchestrating this chaos, and she confronted Sumeet aggressively, demanding to know the whereabouts of Meet. Anxious about her own daughter, Masoom unintentionally blurted out that Meet was in Sarkar’s car.

Seizing the opportunity, Shagun quickly drove away with Meet. Sumeet, overwhelmed with sorrow, began to cry, and it was then that Manmeet arrived at the scene. Sumeet informed him about Shagun taking Meet and Cheeku. Manmeet wasted no time and started chasing after the car. Shagun eventually stopped the car at a distance and instructed Meet to step out.

Shagun grabbed Cheeku’s hand and attempted to take him with her. However, Cheeku resisted, hitting Shagun’s leg and returning to Meet’s side. Just as Meet tried to escape, Mahendra appeared from the other side. In a desperate attempt to hide, Meet and Cheeku sought refuge in a storeroom, hiding behind sacks. Meanwhile, Sarkar, Mahendra, and Shagun searched the area for them. Mahendra managed to catch hold of Cheeku, while Meet pleaded with him to return Cheeku to her. Despite her pleas, Mahendra continued to take Cheeku towards Shagun.

Driven by anguish, Meet grabbed a rod and threatened Mahendra to stop. In response, Shagun threw something into Meet’s eyes, temporarily blinding her. Taking advantage of the situation, Mahendra once again took Cheeku away. Just then, Manmeet reached the scene, witnessing the heart-wrenching situation. Meet, in a desperate plea, folded her hands and offered to do anything in exchange for Cheeku’s return.

Manmeet, filled with despair, joined Meet on the ground and expressed his willingness to do anything to reunite Cheeku with them. It was then that Sarkar confessed to being the mastermind behind Shagun’s actions. Manmeet was shocked to learn the truth. Sarkar proposed a deal: if Manmeet agreed to separate from Meet forever and accompany him to Sarkar House without Meet, he would ensure that Shagun returned Cheeku to Meet. Caught in a dilemma, Manmeet weighed his options but ultimately decided to separate from Meet if it meant reuniting Meet with Cheeku.

[Episode End]

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