Meet 15 June 2023 Written Story Update

Meet 15 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with the venue being prepared for the factory bidding at Meet’s location. Meet arrives, feeling disheartened as she reflects on Manmeet Alhwat’s dream of running a factory entirely staffed by women. In the midst of her thoughts, Meet is spotted walking absentmindedly by Manmeet. Meanwhile, Mahendra brings Gunwanti back home, and she pretends to be in pain. Sarkar and Yashoda express their disappointment towards them. Mahendra mentions that, according to the law, no one can ask them to leave the house. In a rush, Mahendra pushes Sarkar’s wheelchair, and Yashoda attempts to strike him, but he stops her. Yashoda declares that Meet will give Mahendra a fitting reply. Despite Manmeet’s call, Meet continues walking.

Overwhelmed by her emotions, Meet embraces Manmeet and breaks down. Manmeet offers her words of encouragement, insisting that Meet cannot accept defeat and that they will exert themselves to reclaim the factory. Chanda arrives and urges Meet to reconsider her decision to sell the factory she had built with immense dedication. She hands over the factory documents to Meet. The bidding for the factory’s price commences. Gunwanti notices her photo frame turned off and decides to charge it. Assuming that no one is watching, Gunwanti sneaks into the kitchen to quickly savor some halwa. Mahendra takes pleasure in witnessing the escalating bids for the factory. Meanwhile, Meet prays fervently for a sign from God to guide her in halting the proceedings.

Meet returns home and carefully places the factory papers in front of Lord Krishna’s idol, seeking divine intervention to protect Manmeet’s dreams from being shattered. As she fervently prays for assistance, a sudden gust of wind sends the papers flying, landing directly on Gunwanti’s phone. Meet, astonished, notices a picture of Gunwanti without any burn scars and realizes that Gunwanti’s injuries were fabricated – a mere act of deception. Determined to reveal the truth to everyone, Meet understands that Shagun must be behind this scheme and decides to inform Manmeet. However, Meet faces an obstacle as Manmeet’s phone is switched off, making it impossible to contact him.

Manmeet grows increasingly concerned about Meet’s prolonged absence. Realizing the urgency of the situation, Meet decides to head to the venue to expose the truth and prevent the bidding from proceeding. In her haste, she accidentally drops Gunwanti’s phone into a nearby bucket of water, rendering it inoperable. Panicked but undeterred, Meet understands that she must take action and cannot allow Shagun to emerge victorious. Meanwhile, Shagun arrives at the factory bidding and continues to taunt Manmeet, insinuating that his wife couldn’t bear to witness her dreams being shattered.

Meet, determined to confront Gunwanti and sprinkle salt on her wounds, recalls Chanda’s inquiry about saving the factory. Manmeet assures Chanda that Meet won’t face defeat and departs for an undisclosed location. Meanwhile, Meet acquires a bowl of salt, viewing it as a remedy for Gunwanti’s supposed burns. Approaching Gunwanti’s room, Meet offers the salt as a medicinal relief for her pain. Gunwanti willingly allows Meet to apply it, claiming to feel better. However, when Meet tricks her into tasting the salt, Gunwanti’s true colors are unveiled, and she confesses to her deceitful actions. Despite Gunwanti’s admission, Meet worries about her inability to prove the truth.

The episode reaches a climactic moment as an inspector arrives on the scene, having overheard the entire revelation. Without delay, the inspector proceeds to apprehend Gunwanti, confirming the authenticity of the claims made against her.

[Episode End]

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