Meet 20 June 2023 Written Story Update

Meet 20 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Sumeet contemplating the need to prove herself as someone who can match Meet’s standards. She realizes she must find a suitable alliance for Vani. Raj arrives, but Sumeet insists that it’s her battle and she intends to fight it alone. Dadi appears, delivering milk to Sumeet, and Raj confides in her about his concerns for Vani. He expresses his desire to find a heartfelt connection for her and assures Sumeet that he will discover a solution. Raj departs with dadi, leaving Sumeet to ponder whether Vani has ever harbored feelings for someone.

Vani advises Sumeet not to take Masoom’s challenge too seriously and shares her intentions of transferring jobs, which Abhay opposes. In an attempt to gather clues, Sumeet searches through Vani’s cupboard and notices an abundance of purple items. Curious about the sudden fondness for the color, she questions Vani, who hesitates to respond. Just then, Vani receives a video call from Abhay, who suggests using purple as the background color for her slides. Vani casually mentions that she knows purple is his favorite color. Teasingly, Sumeet prods Vani until she finally confesses her love for Abhay. Overjoyed, Sumeet dances gleefully with her. However, Vani expresses her belief that she is not deserving of Abhay’s love and prefers to remain friends only.

Sumeet arrives to meet Abhay, but the receptionist questions whether she has an appointment. Determined, Sumeet conceals herself within a clothes trolley and manages to enter the premises unnoticed. While inside, she overhears a conversation about her favorite singer, Wonder Boy, and her spirits soar upon hearing his voice. Eager to discover the source, she navigates toward it but becomes entangled in a cluster of lights. As she teeters on the verge of slipping, a kind admirer comes to her rescue. Sumeet stumbles into him and seizes the opportunity to inquire whether he knows Abhay and could assist her in meeting him. He informs her about Abhay’s ongoing presentation.

Sumeet suggests that Abhay might be unfamiliar with the depths of love, making it challenging to explain her predicament. Meanwhile, her admirer ponders the idea that he has harbored feelings for Sumeet since their college days but lacked the courage to confess them. Sumeet promises to pray to the Goddess to grant him his desired love if he helps her. She proceeds to recount the story of Vani and Abhay. Boldly, Sumeet opens the door to Abhay’s cabin and fabricates a tale about Vani falling and sustaining an injury. Overwhelmed with concern, Abhay frantically searches the surroundings. Sumeet introduces herself as Vani’s sister and implores Abhay to recognize his love for Vani before it’s too late. Unbeknownst to them, Vani eavesdrops on their conversation, learning about Sumeet’s revelation regarding her feelings for Abhay.

Soon after, Shagun arrives at the office and inadvertently collides with Sumeet without noticing her presence. She proceeds to enter Abhay’s office, where she overhears discussions about Sumeet. Meanwhile, Sumeet tries fervently to convince Vani of Abhay’s affection, but Vani places the blame on Sumeet for jeopardizing their friendship. Masoom reprimands Sumeet for her actions and issues a challenge: either she must succeed in making Abhay accept Vani’s relationship within a day or cease calling herself Meet’s daughter. Masoom further aggravates the situation by taking Meet’s watch from Sumeet, provoking Raj’s anger. Nevertheless, Sumeet manages to pacify Raj. The episode concludes with Shagun wearing a sly smirk as she becomes aware of Sumeet’s situation and confidently believes she has gained entry into Shagun’s world.

[Episode End]

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