Meet 31 May 2023 Written Story Update

Meet 31 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The scene opens with Meet and Manmeet respectfully adorning a garland on a framed photo of Meet Ahlwat, preparing for his punyatithti puja. Hoshiyaar remarks that Meet would be overjoyed to see his long-cherished dream of a medicine factory come true. Meet, addressing the picture of Meet Ahlwat, expresses her happiness in sharing the news of the factory, but even more so about her decision to adopt a child named Cheeku, finding in him a beloved son. The priest notifies Meet that he won’t be able to attend the puja personally but will send a friend to perform the rituals. An eerie feeling creeps over Meet as she senses someone lurking nearby, yet they are unable to locate the source.

Sarkar, in exchange for money, instructs an individual to carry out a task, determined to keep Meet separated from her son and prevent their reunion. Meanwhile, Sumeet prepares a bed for Cheeku in her room. Gunwanti arrives, and Sumeet shares the news of Cheeku’s return as her brother, urging Gunwanti not to scold him, but to embrace him with love. Curious about the whereabouts of Sumeet’s parents, Gunwanti asks when they will return from the orphanage. Sumeet responds, revealing that they have gone to Alhwat house, where Meet Ahlwat’s punyatithti ceremony is being held. To the priest’s astonishment, he discovers Manmeet and questions if he is the twin brother of the person depicted in the photograph.

Manmeet expresses his awe, emphasizing that it’s nothing short of a miracle that they resemble each other so closely. Hoshiyaar concurs, attributing the partnership between Manmeet and Meet to fate, stating that Manmeet is now by her side. The priest interjects, recounting another miraculous incident that occurred a few years ago, where a child in a basket fell from a cliff but miraculously survived. The child was wearing a locket of mata rani and was wrapped in a blanket with an embroidered pattern. Meet is taken aback upon hearing this, as all the details align with her lost son, Cheeku. Eager to confirm her suspicion, she implores the priest to recall the exact time and date of the incident.

The revelation of the day leaves Meet in a state of profound shock. Hoshiyaar reveals that the incident involving Meet’s lost child had occurred on the same day. The priest discloses that the child was taken by an NGO and grew up in the Baal Seva orphanage. Connecting the dots, Meet and Manmeet conclude that Cheeku must be her long-lost son. Overwhelmed by emotions, Meet retreats to her room and opens a chest that contains small toys, clothes, and a Gita given by her grandmother. She explains that she had sealed away her dreams when she lost Cheeku, but now that he is found and safe, her joy knows no bounds. Meet joyfully dances with Manmeet, elated by the reunion.

Without wasting a moment, Meet and Manmeet hurry to the orphanage. Meet excitedly informs the manager about her lost son and expresses her intention to buy new clothes, toys, and balloons for Cheeku. Manmeet observes her happiness with a smile. Meet explains the situation to the orphanage manager, who allows them to inspect the belongings of all the children. In one of the boxes, she discovers an embroidered blanket and a childhood picture of Cheeku. However, their astonishment reaches new heights when the manager presents another child named Akhil, claiming that he is the rightful owner of the belongings. A flashback reveals that Sarkar had bribed the orphanage manager. The episode concludes with Sarkar stating his plan to force Meet out of his house and out of Manmeet’s life as well.

[Episode End]

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