Meet 13 June 2023 Written Story Update

Meet 13 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Meet pleading with the inspector, asserting Yashoda’s innocence. However, the inspector informs him that Gunwanti herself accused Yashoda. Consequently, he instructs a constable to place Yashoda in the lockup. Determined to uncover the truth and secure Yashoda’s freedom, Meet assures her that he will expose the real culprits soon.

Meanwhile, Manmeet confronts Shagun for instigating Mahendra and Gunwanti. He urges her to go to the police station and reveal Yashoda’s innocence. However, Shagun scoffs at him and reveals her ulterior motive of seeking revenge against Meet Hooda. Despite Manmeet’s insistence, she continues to speak against Meet and Yashoda.

Frustrated with Shagun’s behavior, Manmeet’s anger boils over, and he grabs her by the neck. In response, Shagun calls for the constables, instructing them to arrest Manmeet as well. Gloating with satisfaction, she confesses that she anticipated his reaction and had already informed the police. As Manmeet is taken away, Shagun smirks victoriously.

The inspector informs Meet that the only way to save Yashoda is if Gunwanti changes her statement. Shortly after, Manmeet is brought to the police station, threatening to harm Shagun given the opportunity. Meet calmly manages the situation and requests the inspector to release Manmeet. Later, Meet takes it upon himself to make Manmeet realize that anger is not a solution to any problem.

Meet implores Manmeet to be her support in dealing with the situation rather than exacerbating the problem with anger. Understanding the gravity of the situation, Manmeet agrees to accompany Meet and approach Gunwanti politely, requesting her to reconsider her decision. In the meantime, Meet decides to speak with Mahendra regarding the matter. However, upon arriving, Meet discovers a gathering of villagers already present, waiting for her. Mahendra asks Meet to ensure justice is served to his wife, who he claims was burned. Meet clarifies that it was a misunderstanding and assures them she will uncover the truth. However, the villagers accuse her of siding with Gunwanti instead. Mahendra, in his capacity as Sarkar, asserts that Meet should remain impartial and punish the wrongdoer. The villagers grow louder, demanding justice, leaving Meet feeling powerless in the face of their fervor.

Manmeet fervently pleads with Gunwanti to reconsider her statement. He even proposes naming Sarkar Mahal after them and leaving with Meet. However, Gunwanti continues to place blame on Yashoda and refuses to change her statement. Cheeku and Sumeet implore Sarkar to take his medication, assuring him that Meet will undoubtedly bring Yashoda back. Praying to Lord Krishna, they promise to offer their chocolates if Yashoda is safely returned. Overhearing their conversation, Meet feels a pang of hurt. Sumeet questions Meet about Yashoda’s whereabouts, and she assures him that she will return soon.

Seeking clarity, Meet confronts Mahendra about his demands. He insists that she provide him with 50 crores in exchange for Yashoda’s release from jail. Meanwhile, Gunwanti video calls Shagun and commends her for the successful plan. Gunwanti reveals that her burned skin was merely a ruse and laughs at Meet’s desperate predicament. Mahendra adds to the pressure, urging Meet to sell her medicine factory. Meet offers him a partnership, but he refuses to trust her. Realizing that he left his keys in Gunwanti’s ward, Manmeet rushes back to retrieve them. The episode concludes with Mahendra announcing that Yashoda has been charged with domestic violence, leaving Meet with the daunting task of deciding what she truly wants.

[Episode End]

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