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Meet 30 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Sumeet conversing with the Goddess, expressing her hopes for the best outcome regarding her marriage rituals with Raunak. Meanwhile, Shlok’s mother, Poonam, also prays to the Goddess, seeking the perfect bride for her son. Poonam yearns for a girl who will ensure Shlok’s everlasting happiness. When she witnesses Sumeet and Shlok happily distributing sweets to children, she believes that her prayers have been swiftly answered.

As fate would have it, Sumeet’s sandals are stolen at the temple, but Poonam comes to her aid by offering a new pair. Initially, Sumeet declines the gesture, asserting her ability to manage on her own. However, Poonam insists, requesting Sumeet to return the sandals to her home address at a later time.

In a misguided assumption that Sumeet and Shlok are a couple, Poonam bestows her blessings upon Sumeet, hoping for her happiness with the man she loves. Poonam envisions introducing Sumeet to everyone when she visits Poonam’s house to return the sandals, firmly believing that Sumeet is the ideal match for Shlok. Unaware of this misunderstanding, Sumeet confides in her caretaker about her stolen sandals, who promptly provides her with another pair of new heels. Sumeet decides to retain the sandals given by Poonam and instructs her caretaker to return them to Poonam’s house address.

Subsequently, as Sumeet sits in the car, her maid mistakenly discards the sandals along the way. Unfortunately, Poonam becomes an unintended victim, being struck by the discarded sandals. This incident leads Poonam to erroneously perceive Sumeet as a wealthy and rude girl who callously discarded the sandals.

Poonam and Shlok’s family gather at Alhwat Mansion for the haldi ceremony, but Poonam is taken aback when she sees Sumeet among the guests. Sumeet asks her about her missing sandals, leaving Poonam shocked. Suddenly, Raj yells at Poonam to remove the glass pieces in front of Sumeet’s leg. However, Masoom clarifies that Raj was actually talking to Sumeet’s caretaker, not Shlok’s mother.

Shlok devises a plan to bring Raunak’s ex-girlfriend to the ceremony and reveal the truth to Sumeet. He instructs her to wait outside until he can manage to send Sumeet there. Meanwhile, Pankuri notices Sumeet’s original branded bag and complains about having a duplicate copy. Sarthak playfully jokes with her, and she admires Raj, thinking that she should have found someone as wealthy as him. Shlok ponders how to approach Sumeet and get her to come outside, but before he can talk to her, Sumeet is called for the haldi ceremony.

Raj and Sumeet sing for each other, and Dadi teases Raj, suggesting that he should go with Sumeet as part of the dowry. Raj responds by saying he will buy a villa next to Sumeet’s in London because he can’t bear to be apart from her.

Shlok decides to write a message on a plate and asks Pankhuri to pass it to Sumeet. However, just as she is about to read it, the message gets washed away by water. Meanwhile, Priya calls Shlok and asks how much longer she needs to wait. Shlok pleads with Sumeet to come outside once, explaining that it is extremely important. Sumeet meets Priya, who reveals that she is Raunak’s ex-girlfriend and informs Sumeet that Raunak treats girls like toys. Shlok is overjoyed, thinking that Sumeet has finally discovered the truth. However, his happiness quickly turns to shock as Sumeet confronts him for lying and deceiving her once again. Shlok is left wondering what happened, but Sumeet doesn’t give him a chance to speak. The episode concludes with Sumeet slapping Shlok, an act witnessed by Poonam.

[Episode End]

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