Meet 23 June 2023 Written Story Update

Meet 23 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Sumeet dancing joyfully, expressing her excitement about having numerous gifts for wonderboy. Shlok, upon receiving Sumeet’s message, becomes elated and eagerly reacts to it. Sumeet joyfully embraces Vani and informs her that wonderboy will be attending her party. Vani, surprised by this revelation, inquires about how Sumeet met him. Sumeet attributes their meeting to sheer luck. Both Sumeet and Shlok dance merrily together. Meanwhile, Masoom expresses his curiosity about Mrs. Choudhary, who has declined to participate in any of Vani’s wedding ceremonies due to a certain oath. Raj proposes arranging a meeting with Mrs. Choudhary, and the person agrees.

Later, Sumeet meets Shlok, who instructs her to close her eyes and leads her to a place where local musicians are playing music on the streets. Sumeet finds the experience incredibly enjoyable and embraces the lively atmosphere. Shlok refers to it as his outhouse and secret place, where he seeks solace whenever he feels down. Sumeet presents Shlok with a gift and requests him to wear it during the concert the following day. Shlok’s guilty conscience resurfaces as he contemplates his friend’s earlier warning about the consequences of Sumeet discovering his true identity as not being wonderboy. Sumeet puts on a matching jacket and asks Shlok to sign it as an autograph.

Shlok approached Sumeet, expressing his admiration as her biggest fan, and requested her autograph on his jacket. Suddenly, a group of guys appeared and cast a disapproving gaze at Sumeet. Curious, Shlok inquired about what she liked most about the wonderboy, whether it was his voice or his face. Sumeet replied that she had something for him and excused herself to retrieve it. Meanwhile, the boys began to harass and taunt her.

To Shagun’s surprise, Raj and Masoom showed up unexpectedly, unaware of her presence. Memories of her past with Raj flooded her mind, and she feared that her game would be exposed if they recognized her. Raj and Masoom were taken aback when they saw Shagun wearing a facemask, unable to recognize her.

Shagun cunningly deceived Masoom with her sweet words and lavished praise on Sumeet for her courage and boldness. Raj mentioned that Sumeet was a reflection of their mother. Witnessing Shlok defend Sumeet against the boys who had been teasing her, Sumeet felt deeply moved. She realized that no one, other than Raj, had been so protective of her. Raj asked Masoom if her fears had subsided. Meanwhile, Shagun schemed to make Sumeet her target. Curious, Sumeet asked Shlok if he would have truly fought and risked injury for her. Coincidentally, Raj happened to pass by and was astonished to see Sumeet and Shlok laughing together.

Raj grew upset, but Sumeet reassured him that she wouldn’t allow anyone into her life without his permission. She also insisted that Shlok was the wonderboy, though Raj remained skeptical. To prove her point, she invited Raj to accompany her to the concert and see for himself. Sumeet and Vani busied themselves with preparing outfits and jewelry for the event. Meanwhile, Shlok contemplated revealing the truth to Sumeet about not being the real wonderboy. He sneaked into her room, startling her upon his entrance. However, he became captivated by her beauty and began reciting romantic lines, comparing her to the moon. The episode concluded with Raj entering the room and being shocked by what he witnessed.

[Episode End]

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