Meet 17 June 2023 Written Story Update

Meet 17 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Sumeet accidentally dropping a vase, which startles her as she overhears Gunwanti and Mahendra plotting to kill Meet and Manmeet. Realizing the urgency of the situation, she quickly conceals herself and ponders upon the need to inform Meet about the dangerous plan. Meanwhile, Mahendra notifies Gunwanti that someone has overheard their conversation. Sumeet continues to hide, while Mahendra inadvertently speaks in his house, forgetting that he is disguised as a woman. The servants become alert, but Gunwanti manages to avert suspicion and diffuse the situation. Just then, they unexpectedly encounter Yashoda, who questions their presence in the room and instructs them to proceed to the kitchen and assist the other ladies. In the midst of the chaos, Sumeet inadvertently gets locked inside the room.

Desperately knocking on the door, Sumeet’s pleas for help go unnoticed due to the blaring music. She calls out to Yashoda, who mistakenly attributes the noise to the wind and departs from the area. With a heavy heart, Sumeet resigns herself to sitting in the room, feeling trapped and dejected. Meanwhile, Manmeet joyfully dances during the sangeet ceremony, and Meet claps in delight, even joining him on the dance floor. Sumeet, on the other hand, struggles to reach the window’s hinge and decides to climb onto the sofa for a better vantage point. Despite her efforts, she remains unable to reach the hinge. In a stroke of ingenuity, she places another vessel in between, hoping to bridge the gap and open the window. As Meet inquires about Sumeet’s whereabouts from Raj, Gunwanti expresses her suspicion to Mahendra that Meet might be inquiring about the very person who overheard their conversation.

Sumeet successfully manages to open the window and leaps out, quickly making her way to the function. Spotting her, Manmeet calls out to her, urging her to join them. Suddenly, the lights go off, and Mahendra does something that causes Sumeet to lose consciousness. In her delirium, she mumbles about Gunwanti and Mahendra, pointing towards them, but before Meet can approach, Sarkar suddenly falls off his chair. Meet instructs Yashoda to take care of Sumeet, but Yashoda suggests letting her sleep in the room with Sarkar, as she might be tired.

Observing the male shoes worn by Mahendra, Meet questions their owners. Gunwanti fabricates a story, claiming that they are workers who have come to assist with the cooking. However, Meet notices their suspicious behavior and decides to take action. She pushes the waiter towards Mahendra, who shouts out in his normal voice, shocking everyone. Hoshiyar and Masoom are taken aback and begin to wonder what is happening. Meet unveils the true identities of Gunwanti and Mahendra, leaving both the guests and family members stunned. The room fills with gossip and murmurs about them. Mahendra shouts out that she has shattered his patience and he will exact his revenge upon her all at once.

Drawing a knife, Mahendra attempts to attack Meet, but Manmeet intervenes at the right moment, gripping his hand and preventing the assault. Manmeet admonishes Mahendra, stating that he has crossed all boundaries of their relationship. Mahendra retorts that they only harbor enmity towards each other. Enraged, Manmeet begins to ruthlessly beat him. Meet intervenes, urging them to stop fighting, and demands that Mahendra and Gunwanti leave immediately. Manmeet insists that they must take some action. Meanwhile, Sumeet, who is sleeping in Sarkar’s room, is startled by a shocking sight. Manmeet enters the room, deciding not to disturb Sumeet, only to find pillows in her place. Unbeknownst to them, Sumeet is being held captive by an unknown assailant, while Gunwanti kidnaps Meet.

[Episode End]

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