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Meet 26 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Vani urging Sumeet to give her consent to Raunak. Shlok is on the verge of departing when he overhears Sumeet declining Raunak’s proposal. Sumeet firmly believes that one should only marry someone they truly love. Apologizing for his actions, Sumeet departs, expressing his inability to accept Raunak’s proposal. Shlok taunts Raunak, who feels humiliated by the rejection in front of his numerous fans. Filled with frustration, Raunak crumples the red rose and becomes enraged at Sumeet. He enters Sumeet’s room and lifts her photograph, declaring that he despises hearing the word “no” and that Sumeet will face consequences for her refusal.

Shagun persistently calls Raunak, but he repeatedly disconnects the calls. Frustrated, Shagun confronts Raunak and questions why he proposed to her when she had asked him to impress Sumeet instead. Raunak vents his frustration about being rejected by Sumeet. At that moment, Sumeet emerges from the washroom and looks around, unaware of the conversation. Shlok is shown holding Raunak, and Raunak warns him that he will convince Sumeet to change her rejection into acceptance. Shagun grows concerned about Raunak’s anger and decides it’s time to reveal herself and manipulate the situation. She calls Masoom and asks for forgiveness on Raunak’s behalf, claiming that he has a pure heart and follows his instincts, which led him to suddenly propose to Sumeet. Shagun hints at getting Raunak and Sumeet married and indirectly threatens Masoom about Vani’s happiness.

Vani questions Sumeet about her rejection of “wonderboy’s” proposal while thinking about Shlok. Masoom tells Raj that Sumeet will be happy with Raunak, but Raj reveals his concerns about her dreams and expresses a desire to delay her marriage. Shlok confides in Sarthak, expressing his wish to reveal to Sumeet that the voice she loves belongs to him. Sumeet confides in Vani, expressing her belief that the voice she fell in love with and the voice that proposed to her are two different people.

Masoom fails to convince Raj to allow Sumeet to marry Raunak. Shlok recalls Sumeet saying she hates him and Raunak’s threat to keep the truth about “wonderboy” hidden. Determined, Shlok decides to tell Sumeet the truth, regardless of the consequences. Sumeet receives a text from Shlok, requesting one last chance to reveal the truth he couldn’t tell before, and asks her to meet him at the same cafe. However, Shlok receives a call from his mother, urging him to take his grandmother to the hospital urgently and inquiring about his financial situation. Shlok heads off to get the car keys but not before Raunak playfully teases him.

Shagun arrives at the scene and hands Shlok the keys. Sumeet arrives at the cafe and tells Shlok that she believes in second chances, which is why she came to meet him. However, Shlok struggles to tell her the truth once again. Raunak questions Shagun about why she allowed Shlok to meet Sumeet, to which Shagun reveals her plan to take advantage of Shlok’s financial situation and responsibilities. A flashback shows Shagun emotionally manipulating Shlok, reminding him of his contract and convincing him that revealing the truth would land him in jail. Shlok confesses to Sumeet that he lied to impress her. Sumeet expresses her disappointment, wishing that he hadn’t lied and had remained the simple and genuine person he was. Shlok tells Sumeet that she is special and assures her that his mother would be proud of her. He requests her never to change because of anyone, including himself. The episode concludes with Shagun asserting that Shlok will always remain their servant. However, Sumeet surprises Shlok by proposing to rebuild their friendship.

[Episode End]

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