Meet 25 June 2023 Written Story Update

Meet 25 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Shlok’s arrival at Raunak’s side, where he proudly displays the concert song that has already amassed 1 million views, while the fans ecstatically cheer for the talented wonderboy. Raunak deliberately provokes Shlok, urging him to acknowledge Raunak as the wonderboy himself, and questions his audacity to attempt revealing a secret that should have remained concealed. In response, Shlok confronts Raunak, inquiring about the identity of the alluring girl, resulting in a heated argument between the two. Amidst the escalating tension, Shagun intervenes, swiftly preventing Raunak from physically harming Shlok. She defends Shlok’s actions, asserting that he is a good-natured boy who would never break his promise.

Curious about Shlok’s injury, Shagun probes him about its cause. In an attempt to evade the truth, Shlok fabricates a story about being involved in an accident. Unconvinced, Shagun persistently questions him about the girl, prompting Shlok to confess that she is no longer a part of his life. Shagun encourages him to confide in her and expresses her wish for him to reunite with his lost love. Meanwhile, Raj consoles Sumeet, who tries to put up a facade of strength. Sarthak intervenes, preventing Shlok from approaching Sumeet, as she has no interest in engaging in any conversation with him, while Raj ensures that Shlok stays away from Sumeet. Raj reminds Sumeet that the world is filled with individuals who will always attempt to inflict harm upon them. His recollection includes the instance where Shagun had hurt Meet and Manmeet as part of her revenge plan.

Raj’s mind suddenly flashes back to the heartbreaking moment of Manmeet’s death. Overwhelmed with emotions, he embraces Sumeet tightly, vowing to shield her from any troubles that may arise. Sumeet assures Raj that she is willing to endure not only his ignorance but also his anger. However, she reveals her intention to confess her love for him during the party.

Grateful for the unforgettable party experience, Vani expresses her gratitude to Sumeet for making it so memorable. To everyone’s surprise, Raunak arrives at the party accompanied by Abhay. Abhay introduces Raunak to Sumeet, acknowledging that his reunion with Vani was made possible due to Sumeet’s efforts. Abhay playfully flirts with Sumeet, eliciting cheers from the crowd for the charming Raunak.

Raunak introduces Sumeet to Shlok, praising his intelligence. Sumeet playfully responds, indicating that she is well aware of Shlok’s cleverness. Raj realizes that Shlok is present at the party and worries that Sumeet might feel hurt upon seeing him. During the party, Shlok engages in a conversation with Sumeet, using the analogy of the real moon in the sky and its reflection in a water bowl to convey a deeper message. Sumeet fails to grasp his reference, feeling that he has not only broken her trust but also shattered her self-confidence. She admits to feeling like a failure, unable to discern between right and wrong like her mother.

Raj appears at the scene, his anger brewing, ready to confront Shlok. However, Sumeet intervenes, preventing Raj from resorting to violence. She explains that if Raj were to engage in a physical altercation, it would only prove that Sumeet is weaker. Meanwhile, Shagun watches a video of Raunak’s successful concert, delighting in his achievements. Later at the party, Raunak playfully taunts Shlok regarding his involvement with Sumeet, prompting Shlok to demand that Raunak refrain from meddling in his personal affairs.

As the music fills the air, Raunak invites Sumeet to dance, captivating Shlok’s attention. After the dance concludes, Raunak kneels before Sumeet, offering her a red rose and proposing marriage. Encouraging her, Vani emphasizes Sumeet’s love for the talented Raunak. Sumeet confesses that she genuinely adores his voice, finding solace in it and forgetting all her worries. The episode concludes with Raunak eagerly awaiting Sumeet’s response, while a hurt Shlok walks away, consumed by his emotions.

[Episode End]

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