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Meet 12th May 2023 Written Story Update On

Chiku was peacefully sleeping between Meet and Manmeet, while Sumeet dozed off on the sofa. The next morning, Chiku woke up and observed Meet and Manmeet still sound asleep. Suddenly, Manmeet murmured for water and called out for Sumeet. Chiku got out of bed, hid behind their bed, and noticed his locket hanging on it. Meet woke up and saw Chiku, while Manmeet stated that Sumeet was not around and snuggled closer to her. Meet got up and discovered Sumeet sleeping on the sofa. She approached Sumeet and suggested putting her on the bed, but Manmeet insisted that Sumeet would wake up soon, as she never left her grandmother’s blanket. Meet recollected her conversation with her baby about the blanket and the locket gifted by Anubha.

Later, Manmeet inquired from Meet if she had spoken to Chanda. Meet affirmed that Chanda had informed her of getting the job and would update her soon. Manmeet sought blessings from Sarkar, but he ignored him and asked Gunwanti for tea. Meet gave tea to Manmeet and disclosed that it contained herbs which could soothe his itchy throat. Manmeet carried the cup to Sarkar, who was engrossed in reading the newspaper. Meet instructed the servant to collect dirty clothes from their room. The servant picked up the clothes along with the locket. Gunwanti served tea to Sarkar, but he rejected it, instructing her to bring tea made by her to his room. Manmeet reassured Meet that everything would be alright between them and advised her not to worry.

Mahendra requested Kanika to share the kids’ photos again. Kanika complied and sent him the photo. Later, a woman asked Kanika for her soiled clothes. While looking at a locket, Kanika recollected Chiku wearing a similar one. She told Mahendra that she would send the photos shortly and he left. Kanika inquired about the kurta and retrieved the locket attached to it. She realized that a boy must be hiding in the house.

Meet received a call from Chanda, who informed her that all the documents were saved on the computer. She also mentioned that the manager was absent that day, and Meet could check the information about Mohan and the runaway kid. Furthermore, Chanda disclosed the existence of a trunk filled with belongings of the children admitted there, and Meet asked about a blanket. Meet agreed to come and investigate.

In the story, Chiku attempts to wake up Sumeet but hears someone approaching the room, so he hides behind some furniture. Kanika enters the room, looking for the boy, and hears a noise. She checks it out, but her chunri gets caught on Sumeet’s locket. Meet enters the room and questions Kanika’s presence. She drops the locket into Sumeet’s basket and claims to have come to see Sumeet, who she believes is sleeping. Meet places Sumeet’s toy in the basket and invites Kanika to have breakfast. She attempts to take the basket, but Meet insists that Lata take it instead. Kanika worries that Meet will discover the locket and become suspicious. She is determined to find the boy and send the whole family out. Sumeet wakes up and looks for Chiku, who emerges from hiding. Sumeet realizes that Chiku has a fever and needs to see a doctor, but he can’t take him without raising suspicion. Sumeet instructs Chiku to hide in the storeroom while he figures out a plan to take him to the doctor.

Gunwanti serves tea to Kanika while Mahendra offers her some snacks. Kanika informs Mahendra that the Minister has approved his alcohol factory and congratulates him. This news delights Mahendra, and Kanika suggests that they go out and start with the foundation work. Mahendra agrees, and Kanika sees this as an opportunity to search the empty house for the boy. Meanwhile, Meet expresses concerns about the idea of installing an alcohol factory alongside a medicine factory. Gunwanti disagrees and believes that installing a factory is a good thing. Mahendra reminds Meet that Sarkar has granted permission for the factory and requests her to keep her opinions to herself. Meet apologizes, and Gunwanti suggests that they perform a pooja that day. Meet, however, reminds them of their pending work at the orphanage, but Manmeet assures Bapu Sarkar that they will be available for the pooja. Jasodha asks everyone to sit for the pooja, believing that they are blessed by God, and Kanika sees this as an opportunity to execute her plan to find the boy in the house. Meanwhile, Sumeet overhears their conversation and decides to skip the pooja so that he can take Chiku to the doctor.

[Episode End]

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