Meet 24 June 2023 Written Story Update

Meet 24 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Shlok expressing romantic poetic lines to Sumeet. However, he finds himself hesitant to reveal the truth about wonderboy. Just as Sumeet’s room is approached by approaching footsteps, she swiftly conceals Shlok. Raj enters the room and surveys his surroundings. To his surprise, he notices Sumeet adorned in a lehenga and compliments her on her lovely appearance. Raj spots a cockroach and warns Sumeet, reminding her of her allergy to them and advising her to avoid the room until pest control is carried out. Shlok laments his inability to disclose the truth to Sumeet.

Feeling apprehensive, Shlok contemplates how to inform Sumeet about wonderboy before the concert and decides to call her. However, Raj intercepts the call and unknowingly puts it on loudspeaker, expressing their intention to attend Shlok’s concert and wishing him good luck. Shlok confides in Sarthak, revealing his plan to write the truth and entrust it to him at the entrance, with the request that Sarthak delivers it to Sumeet. Shlok proceeds to write the letter but is halted by someone who prevents him from handing it over.

As the concert commences, the host announces that everyone will have the opportunity to meet wonderboy live on stage. Sumeet becomes elated and cheers for him. Shlok catches a glimpse of her from behind the stage and confides in Sarthak that it is too late to reveal the truth to Sumeet. Sarthak consoles him in his moment of distress.

Sumeet expresses her immense excitement at the prospect of seeing him. As the lights dim, Wonderboy takes the stage and delivers a stunning performance. Sumeet assures Raj that once Shlok catches sight of them, he will undoubtedly be wearing a smile. Raj questions why Shlok isn’t donning the jacket Sumeet gifted him. She speculates that he probably opted for an outfit chosen by his designer instead. However, when Shlok finally turns around, Sumeet is taken aback to discover that he isn’t the one performing on stage. It is revealed that Shlok is actually the singer, while the guy on stage is merely lip-syncing. A flashback unveils Raunak’s blackmail, as he coerces Shlok into keeping the truth hidden, as Shlok has signed a contract to provide his voice for Wonderboy for a substantial sum of money. Raunak asserts that Shlok may be the voice, but the face will always belong to Raunak Choudhary.

Shlok is overwhelmed with emotion as he contemplates Sumeet, while she feels heartbroken, believing Shlok deceived her and isn’t the real Wonderboy. Sumeet notices Shlok observing her departure and concludes that he didn’t completely lie to her since the voice she fell in love with does belong to him, even if the face does not. Shagun applauds Raunak’s performance with genuine joy, but her husband reminds her that the applause is truly for Shlok’s voice. She sternly warns him never to reveal the truth.

Shlok follows Sumeet, attempting to engage her in conversation. However, she refuses to speak with him and departs, tears streaming down her face. Shlok experiences deep emotions as he reminisces about the time they spent together. Raj confronts Shlok, physically lashing out at him for lying to Sumeet and causing her pain. Sumeet intervenes, urging Raj to remember that Shlok is also Vani’s brother-in-law. Despite this, Shlok continues to bear the brunt of the beating. Sumeet vows to keep the jacket, which bears Shlok’s signature, as a reminder never to trust anyone blindly. She declares her disdain for him and walks away with Raj. The episode concludes with both Shlok and Sumeet nursing their emotional wounds.

[Episode End]

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