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Main Hoon Aparajita 22 June 2023 Written Story Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 22 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Aparajita and Chavi diligently digging a hole to bury Mohini’s lifeless body. Overwhelmed with guilt, Aparajita grapples with the weight of their actions. Determined to conceal their misdeed, Aparajita and Chavi make the decision to bury Mohini, unaware that she has regained consciousness. As Mohini regains her senses, she seizes the opportunity to escape from the van. Spotting Chavi approaching, Mohini hastily conceals herself. Chavi hands a plastic item to Aparjita, unknowingly aiding their efforts to bury Mohini. Meanwhile, Mohini places a call to Manish, urgently inquiring about his whereabouts. Manish assures her that he will arrive within 15 minutes. Fearing for her life, Mohini laments her impending demise and implores Manish to expedite his arrival. Agreeing to her plea, Manish commits to a swift arrival. Aparajita and Chavi proceed to retrieve Mohini’s lifeless body.

In a chance encounter, Arjun crosses paths with Nia. Concerned for her well-being, Arjun inquires about her state. Nia confides in Arjun, expressing her determination to uncover Aparajitha’s intended message. She earnestly beseeches Asha and Disha to disclose any information pertaining to Mohini. Unbeknownst to them, Devi clandestinely eavesdrops on their conversation.

Chavi proposes to Aparajita that they bury Mohini and depart from the scene. Simultaneously, Mohini fervently hopes for Manish’s prompt arrival. Succumbing to their plan, Aparajita and Chavi successfully bury Mohini and make their exit. Unbeknownst to them, Aparajita’s Mangalsutra inadvertently slips from her possession, remaining at the burial site.

Following Aparajita and Chavi’s departure, Manish eventually arrives at the location. Chavi observes the absence of Aparajita’s Mangalsutra and alerts her to the loss. Consequently, Aparajita resolves to return to the site and retrieve it.

Upon their return, Aparajita and Chavi stumble upon Manish providing assistance to Mohini. A sense of relief washes over Aparajita, knowing that Mohini is alive and well.

Manish informs Mohini that the advantage of their plan is that Aparajita believes Mohini is deceased. Tomorrow, Mohini will depart for South Africa with her new identity, while Manish intends to have Aparajita’s family arrested for Mohini’s murder. Together, Manish and Mohini make their exit from the location.

Kabir engages in a conversation with the commissioner and convinces him to withdraw his case. Determined to prove Aparajita’s innocence, Kabir takes charge.

Aparajita and Chavi return home, where Devi inquires about Aparajita’s whereabouts. Aparajita decides to disclose the details later and expresses her desire to see her children.

Aparajita encounters Asha and Disha, offering words of encouragement and assuring them that everything will be fine. She asks Disha about Nia’s whereabouts, and Disha reveals that Nia is upset because they kept her in the dark about the situation.

Aparajita brings Asha and Disha to Akshay’s room, bolstering their spirits and assuring Dadi that everything will work out. She expresses gratitude to Akshay for supporting her and reveals that it was because of him that she discovered Mohini is alive. Aparajita then shocks Asha and Disha by informing them about Mohini’s survival. Subsequently, she reveals Mohini’s deceit to the family, and they collectively decide to expose her.

Devi approaches Aparajita, questioning her about her whereabouts. Aparajita counters Devi by asking if she possesses a search warrant to enter their house or if there is an official complaint about Mohini’s disappearance. Aparajita reminds Devi that it hasn’t been 24 hours since Mohini went missing. Devi probes Aparajita about her knowledge, to which Aparajita reveals her sources.

Aparajita is depicted conversing with Kabir over the phone. She briefs Kabir about the recent events, and he advises her to act oblivious to Mohini’s survival. Kabir also shares strategies for Aparajita to counter Mohini. Devi threatens Aparajita, claiming that she will return the next day with written orders to demonstrate her authority. Shortly after, Devi receives a call from the commissioner, who reprimands her for entering someone’s house without a search warrant. The commissioner removes Devi from the case and assigns it to Kabir. Dadi takes a jibe at Devi’s behavior.

[Episode End]

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