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Main Hoon Aparajita 17 June 2023 Written Story Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 17 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Mohini revealing to Aparajita a video of Asha eating chilies and desperately crying out for water. Mohini sternly warns Aparajita that she has a mere 30 minutes to save Asha before she meets her demise, as the deadly game has already begun. With that, Mohini departs from the scene, leaving Aparajita deeply concerned. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Aparajita suggests calling the police for assistance. She dials Kabir’s number, but Disha intervenes and seizes the phone. When Kabir answers the call, Disha, pretending to be Aparajita, informs him that she understands he is preoccupied with providing security for the Chief Minister. Disha promptly ends the call, leaving Aparajita puzzled by her actions. Aparajita questions Disha about her decision not to inform Kabir, to which Disha explains that Mohini will harm Asha if the police become involved. Aparajita, bewildered, inquires how they can possibly locate Asha within the limited timeframe of 30 minutes without police assistance. Disha proposes utilizing social media to aid their search. A heated argument ensues between the two. Sensing the tension, Arjun intervenes and acknowledges the validity of both their perspectives. He assures them that together, they will find a way to locate Asha. As Arjun steps aside to attend a phone call, Asha’s desperate cries for water continue.

Seeking solace and guidance, Aparajita visits the temple and confronts Lord Shiva, questioning why she is being subjected to such a test. She fervently prays to Lord Shiva, beseeching him to show her a path to save her daughter. Aparajita solemnly vows that if anything were to happen to Asha, she would never again set foot inside the temple, deeming it a test not only for a mother but also for God himself. In a symbolic gesture, she takes a piece of cloth as a divine blessing from Lord Shiva, expressing her unwavering devotion.

Meanwhile, Manish intentionally prevents Nia from answering Disha’s phone calls. He engages Nia in conversation, diverting her attention by discussing Mohini’s dissatisfaction with her involvement in investor matters. Manish asserts that Mohini is innocent regarding Asha’s disappearance. Unbeknownst to them, Mohini discreetly observes their conversation through a laptop camera. Nia, harboring doubts about her mother’s intentions, voices her concerns, asserting that Mohini’s methods raise suspicion. Manish dismisses her doubts, reassuring Nia that her mother has been planning for her birthday since the morning and urges her not to doubt Mohini’s intentions.

Disha urges Aparajita to wear a wristwatch, to which Aparajita questions the necessity. Disha explains that it allows her to stay connected even if her phone’s battery dies. Dadi offers to accompany them in their search for Asha. Aparajita then wonders who will stay with Akshay, to which Dadi replies that Nia will be with him. Disha reveals that Nia hasn’t returned from Manish’s house yet. Shortly after, Arjun receives a phone call informing him that someone spotted Asha near the market. Without wasting any time, Arjun and Disha swiftly leave the market.

Nia pleads with Manish to disclose the secret location of her mother. However, Manish receives a message from Mohini. He reveals that Mohini’s secret place is Vikas Godown. Nia decides to leave, but Manish insists that she stay until Mohini returns and forbids her from contacting anyone. Nia manages to convince him to send a single message and promptly shares the Godown’s address with Aparajita. Unbeknownst to them, Mohini revels in her devious plan.

Aparajita tries calling Disha, but the call fails to connect. Determined, she ventures to Vikas Godown alone. Knocking on the door proves fruitless, and without hesitation, she breaks in. Mohini, observing the events unfold on her laptop, takes pleasure in the situation. Suddenly, someone locks the door to the godown, trapping Aparajita inside. Mohini intends to manipulate Aparajita and Asha like pawns in her game. Aparajita desperately calls out for Asha and proceeds further inside. In her path lies burning coals, causing her immense pain as she inadvertently steps on them. Mockingly, Mohini addresses Aparajita over the speaker, inquiring about her current state. Aparajita pleads with Mohini to release Asha, promising to comply with any demands. As Aparajita gazes at the projection of Asha in pain, Mohini coldly instructs her to sacrifice herself for her daughter. Aparajita turns to prayer, seeking guidance from God. As if in response, some dust falls into her eyes, revealing a pile of soil nearby. Acting quickly, she gathers the soil in a cloth depicting the deity Shiva and places it over the burning coals, creating a path for herself. Despite the agony, Aparajita perseveres and walks over the makeshift pathway, tears streaming down her face. Mohini sadistically relishes the sight before her.

[Episode End]

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