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Main Hoon Aparajita 10 June 2023 Written Story Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 10 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Aparajita introducing ACP Kabir to the gathered media. She informs them that they had requested the wedding attendees to share any videos they had captured during the event.

Aparajita then requests Kabir to present the video to the media. Upon watching the footage, it becomes evident that the bride Arjun married and the bride who attended the reception appear identical. However, Aparajita draws attention to the burn marks on the hand of the reception bride, highlighting that the bride Arjun married did not possess any such marks. She proceeds to reveal the burn mark on Nia’s hand, providing concrete evidence that Arjun had indeed married Disha, not Nia.

Mohini attempts to intervene, claiming that Aparajita is ruining Nia’s life by exposing this truth. Aparajita counters, asserting that she is not responsible for destroying Nia’s life, but rather proving that Nia was never married. Mohini warns Aparajita that she will face the consequences for her actions and vows to destroy Aparajita and her family. Undeterred, Aparajita challenges Mohini to stop dreaming of ruining her life.

The media questions Aparajita regarding why Disha and Nia are unaware of the truth. Aparajita explains that Mohini had drugged both Disha and Nia, causing them to lose their memory of the events. The media turns to Mohini, inquiring about her feelings after her plan failed. Frustrated and defeated, Mohini leaves Aparajita’s residence and witnesses Aparajita and her daughters celebrating their victory. In her heart, Mohini silently vows to return and celebrate her own triumph in due time.

Dadi expresses her apologies to Aparajita, admitting that she had not trusted her before. Aparajita kindly requests Dadi to refrain from speaking in such a manner. She suggests to Ashmit that they should arrange another marriage ceremony for Disha and Arjun, aiming to create happy memories for them. Ashmit agrees with the idea.

Arjun and Disha participate in another wedding ceremony and sign their marriage certificate. While checking the certificate, Ashmit notices that the address is incorrect. Arjun explains that he intentionally wrote his office address, as he desires to establish himself independently. He also mentions that his office is located nearby, allowing them to keep in touch with Akshay regularly. Ashmit agrees with their decision and departs from the scene.

Arjun and Disha approach Akshay to seek his blessings. Disha expresses her wish for Akshay’s speedy recovery. Aparajita assures Disha that Akshay’s blessings will always be with her. Dadi informs Aparajita that it is time for the customary farewell ritual for the bride.

Disha completes the bride’s farewell ritual, and soon after, Arjun receives a call from the Municipality. He informs Aparajita that the Municipality plans to demolish his office, claiming it was constructed on an unauthorized property. Dadi wonders where Arjun will take Disha now. Aparajita suggests to Arjun that they can reside in the laundry house. Disha agrees to the proposal.

Mr. Shahani arrives and presents a cheque of one crore rupees as an advance, expressing his interest in investing in Aparajita’s project. Aparajita joyfully celebrates this good news.

Mohini sends one crore rupees to Mr. Shahani, confidently stating that Aparajita will now frantically search for him to collect the remaining money. She further boasts about Mr. Shahani’s whereabouts, claiming he will be dining at a luxurious seven-star restaurant in Dubai. Mohini revels in her wicked plan, intending to publicly disgrace Aparajita and her daughters.

[Episode End]

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