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Main Hoon Aparajita 27 May 2023 Written Story Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 27 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Mohini’s attempt to pull Disha away from the Mandap, but Arjun firmly holds her back. Aparajita notices a group of veiled women and halts one of them, inquiring about her identity. Meanwhile, Mohini manages to escape from the scene. Aparajita insists that the veiled woman unveils herself. The lady complies, revealing her face, and explains to Aparajita that she accidentally bumped into Amma. Aparajita makes a sarcastic comment and walks away, leaving the woman behind. Aparajita then checks on Disha, asking if she is feeling better, to which Disha responds positively. Ashmith requests the Pandit to initiate the marriage rituals, and the Pandit instructs Disha’s sisters to perform the Gadhbandan ceremony. Mohini, with a determination not to let her plan fail, feels anxious. Asha and Chavi complete the Gadhbandan and ask Disha to remove her veil for a selfie. Mohini becomes fearful. Aparajita reminds them that they can take photos after the marriage and urges them to leave. Meanwhile, Akshay yearns for Nia’s presence.

Chavi enters the room and discovers Kabir’s presence. Curious, she asks him how he managed to get there. Kabir responds that he has no recollection and suddenly feels lightheaded. Concerned, Chavi guides him to the bed and instructs him to rest. Kabir requests his medicine from his purse, and Chavi promptly retrieves it for him. Expressing gratitude for her assistance, Kabir urges Chavi to go and enjoy the wedding, explaining that he had called her because he was unable to reach his team. However, Chavi insists that he needs someone by his side. Kabir dismisses the notion, insisting that it is unnecessary and encourages her to leave. Meanwhile, Arjun and the bride successfully complete the pheras, marking an important milestone in their marriage.

Observing Chavi’s melancholic demeanor, Kabir inquires about her sadness. Chavi advises him not to concern himself with her troubles. Apologetic for making her uncomfortable, Kabir confesses that he has developed feelings for Chavi and desires to learn more about her. Suddenly, he experiences dizziness once again. Chavi ensures that he is seated comfortably and urges him to rest. In the midst of these events, the pandit instructs Arjun to place the mangal sutra around the bride’s neck. Arjun follows the ceremonial ritual, adorning the bride with the auspicious nuptial chain, and then applies sindoor to her forehead. The pandit proclaims the completion of the marriage ceremony and advises the newlyweds to seek blessings from their elders. Akshay expresses his gratitude to everyone for their support, and the bride and groom proceed to receive blessings from their elders. In the meantime, Mohini schemes, confident that her actions will alter the lives of Aparajita and Disha.

The Pandit instructs Disha and Arjun to stand for the Pheras. However, Disha suddenly feels dizzy and collapses. Seizing the opportunity, Mohini and her accomplices secretly switch the bride without anyone noticing. Arjun asks Disha if they can proceed with the Pheras, and the substitute bride nods affirmatively. Everyone playfully teases Arjun, who reminisces about his moments with Disha while participating in the Pheras. Chavi, recalling her own wedding mishap, receives a call from Kabir and steps aside to answer it. Mohini rejoices, as she believes that today she will exact revenge on Aparajita. The Pandit instructs the bride to move forward for the next Pheras. Suddenly, the power is restored, bringing relief to everyone. Arjun, confused, questions the bride as to why she is not responding to him.

[Episode End]

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