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Main Hoon Aparajita 01 June 2023 Written Story Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 01 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Asmit addressing Akshay and Aparajita, expressing that his family considers Nia as Arjun’s wife. He insists that Nia should accompany them as their household’s daughter-in-law, or else their families’ relationship would be severed. At that moment, they spot Kabir escorting Mohini downstairs. Dadi urges Aparajita to perform Nia’s Vidaai ceremony to salvage their family’s honor. Aparajita stands there, feeling helpless. Asmit turns to Akshay, requesting him to disclose his decision.

Suddenly, Arjun arrives with Nia and requests Asmit to understand Nia’s perspective before finalizing her role as his daughter-in-law. He reveals that Nia wishes to have a conversation with Asmit. Nia confides in Asmit, explaining that she cannot replace Disha in Arjun’s life, and therefore, she will not go with them. Asmit argues that she has taken the wedding vows with Arjun. Nia counters by saying that she is uncertain about it and suggests waiting until Disha regains consciousness. Arjun asserts that he is married to Disha and is willing to marry her again if that is what they desire.

Mohini descends the stairs and addresses Nia, revealing herself as Arjun’s wife and insisting on Nia’s vidaai (farewell) taking place. To everyone’s astonishment, Mohini takes control of the situation, brandishing a gun and holding Ritika hostage. In an unexpected turn, she forces Kabir to drop his firearm. Akshay urges Mohini to surrender, stating that she cannot escape the consequences of her actions. Mocking him, Mohini claims she will indeed flee, taunting him for underestimating her despite living with her for many years. Dismissing Mohini’s threats, Aparajita asserts that she is merely attempting to intimidate them. Unfazed, Mohini declares that Aparajita is her true obstacle and vows to eliminate her. She takes aim at Aparajita, but as she fires, Akshay valiantly steps in to save her, taking the bullet himself. Akshay’s head strikes a sharp edge upon impact, causing him to collapse. Concern and worry grip everyone in the room as Mohini tries to make her escape. Akshay, realizing his time is limited, expresses his apologies to Amma and Aparajita. He implores Aparajita to ensure justice for their children before losing consciousness. Witnessing the bleeding wound on Akshay’s head, Aparajita urgently instructs Arjun to call an ambulance. Arjun promptly contacts emergency services, and they swiftly transport Akshay to the hospital.

Aparajita assures Akshay that she has forgiven him and holds no anger towards him. The nurses escort Akshay to the operating theatre while Aparajita’s children provide her with comforting support. Soon, the doctor emerges and delivers the news that Akshay is now out of danger, but he has slipped into a coma, emphasizing that only their family’s prayers can save him. Aparajita expresses their determination to pray for his recovery and suggests bringing Akshay home, believing that he might improve in a familiar environment. The doctor agrees, but advises waiting for a period of observation before the transfer.

After bringing Akshay home, Aparajita’s grandmother, Dadi, becomes overwhelmed with emotion, shedding tears at the sight of her son’s condition. Aparajita tries to console her, but Dadi interrupts, directing blame towards Aparajita for Akshay’s current state. Taking responsibility, Aparajita admits her mistake and promises Dadi that she will heal Akshay through her prayers, her tears flowing uncontrollably. Nia approaches Aparajita, urging her not to cry and claiming that it is all her own fault, blaming herself for Akshay’s condition. Feeling isolated, Nia expresses her loneliness. In response, Aparajita reassures Nia that she is not alone, emphasizing that they are all there for her. She assures Nia that once Akshay recovers, they will have the joyous occasion of Nia or Disha’s Vidaai (marriage departure ceremony).

[Episode End]

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