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Main Hoon Aparajita 20 June 2023 Written Story Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 20 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Nia expressing concern for Asha’s well-being and inquiring about her condition from Aparajita. Aparajita reassures Nia that Asha is doing fine. Nia then proceeds to inquire about Mohini, but Aparajita remains silent. Growing worried, Nia becomes anxious as Aparajita refuses to open the door, and Mohini fails to answer her phone. Attempting to open the door, Aparajita is halted by Asha. Meanwhile, Disha recalls the events and realizes that she must take action. She confides in Nia, revealing that Mohini had trapped Asha in the room and fled. Aparajita accuses Disha of lying, but Nia questions why they aren’t opening the door. Disha explains that Asha is deeply traumatized by the incident, fearing that Mohini may take her away if the door is unlocked. Disha urges Nia to call a doctor, to which Nia agrees before leaving the scene.

Consumed by guilt, Aparajita acknowledges her inability to confront Nia regarding the truth. Asha, on the other hand, weeps silently to herself. Disha proceeds to drag Mohini’s lifeless body and conceal it within the closet. Aparajita desperately tries to stop Disha, calling out to her. She warns Disha that their actions will now be considered murder. Arjun and Nia hear Aparajita’s cry and implore her to open the door. Worried, Arjun decides to break down the door. As the door shatters, Arjun and Nia are taken aback by Asha’s distressed state. Nia offers comfort to Asha, extending her apologies on behalf of Mohini.

Aparajita attempted to disclose the truth to Nia, but before she could say anything, Nia interrupted and reassured Aparajita that there was no need for her to explain. Nia apologized on behalf of Mohini, and Disha urged Nia to call a doctor. Agreeing, Nia left the scene, and Arjun accompanied her.

Aparajita felt burdened with guilt, knowing that Nia remained unaware of what had transpired with Mohini. In her frustration, Aparajita slapped Disha and questioned why she had touched the body despite Aparajita’s explicit instructions not to. Disha explained that she had no other choice and believed the police would never believe Mohini’s death was accidental. She presented a list of individuals who had managed to escape punishment for their crimes and insisted that Aparajita and the others had to lie to protect themselves. Aparajita, however, expressed her belief that they should never resort to dishonesty. She lamented that if Disha hadn’t touched Mohini’s body, the police might have trusted them, but now nobody would. Aparajita concluded that they had become murderers.

Determined to reveal the truth to Nia, Aparajita confided in Disha and asked her to stay by Asha’s side. Aparajita offered a prayer to God, seeking guidance and strength.

Meanwhile, Nia grew increasingly anxious about Mohini’s well-being. Manish tried to calm her down, assuring her that he had already contacted the police. ACP Kabir arrived at Manish’s behest, and Manish requested him to find Mohini. Kabir agreed to the task.

Observing Chavi nearby, Aparajita approached her privately and urged her to leave. Curious, Chavi inquired about the situation, prompting Aparajita to disclose the details of Mohini’s death. Aparajita insisted that Chavi should depart, but Chavi revealed that the police had already questioned her. She had shown them her train ticket and explained that she had just arrived. Chavi believed that the police wouldn’t trouble her. Unbeknownst to them, Kabir overheard their conversation. Kabir attempted to talk to Aparajita, but a senior lady officer arrived at Aparajita’s house and declared that she would take over the case, citing Manish’s complaint to the police about Kabir’s connection to the house. Aparajita made an effort to communicate with Kabir, but the lady police officer prevented their conversation. Aparajita couldn’t help but think that trouble was mounting, one after another.

[Episode End]

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