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Main Hoon Aparajita 15 June 2023 Written Story Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 15 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with ACP Kabir addressing Aparajita apologetically, “I apologize, Mrs. Singh, for not being available when you needed my assistance while I was on a flight. Please tell me how I can be of help to you now.” Aparajita mentions that the police have been contacting her frequently. Kabir explains, “You are the main witness, so they are calling you for a statement.” Aparajita expresses her need to focus on arranging money to save their house, requesting Kabir not to summon her to the police station frequently. In response, Kabir assures her that he will handle the situation.

He continues, “You will receive a reward of 2 Crores, but how will you arrange the remaining amount?” Aparajita confesses her uncertainty, to which Kabir assures her that he will reach out to people he knows for assistance. However, despite his efforts, the people he contacts fail to respond to his calls.

Meanwhile, Arjun approaches Disha, informing her that he has misplaced the key to their house. Aparajita instructs Asha to retrieve Dadi’s box in search of a spare key. Asha retrieves the box, and Aparajita hands the key to Arjun. Dadi expresses surprise, questioning how the key to Dhadre’s house ended up in the box. Aparajita speculates that someone must have placed it there. Intrigued, Kabir inquires about their property in Dhadre. Aparajita confirms that it is indeed their ancestral house, encompassing 20 acres near the river.

During this conversation, Kabir receives a call from Ashok, which he promptly answers. Kabir appeals to Ashok for funding his friend’s housing project. Ashok responds, revealing his difficulty in finding time due to ongoing land acquisition issues in Dhadra. He explains that 20 acres of property near Dhadra are impeding his project. Aparajita interjects, asserting that the property in question belongs to them. Interested in resolving the matter, Kabir urges Ashok to speak with Aparajita directly. Following Kabir’s suggestion, Aparajita agrees to meet Ashok the following day. Expressing gratitude, Amma thanks Aparajita and suggests selling the property as a means to alleviate their problems. Aparajita concurs and expresses her gratitude to Kabir for his assistance.

Later, during their internet call, Asha informs Chavi that their mother has found a solution to arrange the money. If she manages to secure the funds, I won’t be able to participate in the online contest. Mohini inquires about how Aparajita plans to acquire the money. Nia reveals that Aparajita explicitly instructed them not to discuss it with anyone on the call, as it could be risky if Mohini were to find out their plans. Mohini feigns agreement and encourages Asha to participate in the contest. However, deep down, Mohini is filled with anxiety. She wonders where Aparajita could possibly be getting the money and decides she must find out.

The following day, Ashok questions Aparajita about someone named Kunj Bihari. Aparajita explains that he is her father-in-law. Ashok expresses his frustration, claiming that her property is obstructing his ambitious plans. He offers her 25 crores for her land, on the condition that she transfers the documents to him so he can proceed with the transaction. Aparajita reluctantly agrees.

Everyone in the house begins searching for the documents, but they are unable to locate them. Dadi asks Aparajita about the whereabouts of the papers. Aparajita speculates that if the documents are not in their possession, there’s a chance Mohini may have misplaced them. Aparajita then suggests that Arjun call Mohini’s friends to gather information. Nia suggests that Arjun, known for his pranks, make the call. Arjun agrees and dials Mohini from an unfamiliar number, disclosing Aparajita’s deal to her. Mohini reveals that she has the papers and proposes to meet him in person to finalize the deal. Aparajita and the others eagerly await Mohini’s arrival.

Mohini arrives disguised as an elderly woman. She informs Kusumlatha that she has been sent by Guruji to place coconuts in their home. Aparajita instructs her to carry out the task. Meanwhile, Disha and Arjun discreetly keep an eye on Mohini. Mohini, driven by her desire to retrieve the documents, seizes the opportunity and takes the folder. Aparajita catches Mohini red-handed and successfully retrieves the papers. She then instructs Disha and Arjun to restrain Mohini by tying her to a chair. They carry out the task. Aparajita declares that Mohini must remain there until the deal with Ashok is finalized. She claims to have called for an additional guard who arrives, carrying a snake. Aparajita warns Mohini about the snake’s venomous nature, reminding her not to attempt an escape. Mohini’s mouth is gagged with a cloth. Aparajita instructs Safola to play music to control the snake and warns that if Mohini tries to escape, the snake will bite her. She advises the rest of the family to stay away from the room.

[Episode End]

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