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Main Hoon Aparajita 14 June 2023 Written Story Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 14 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Aparajita cautiously unlocking the suitcase. The team from the IT department carefully examines the currency notes and unequivocally confirms their authenticity as counterfeit. Mohini, witnessing this turn of events, relishes the thought that Aparajita has finally fallen into her meticulously laid trap. Condescendingly, the IT department remarks upon Aparajita’s dire circumstances, asserting that she will inevitably face imprisonment, with no one capable of saving her. The shocking revelation reverberates through everyone present. Amma, perceiving a malicious intent behind this predicament, asserts that someone is intentionally plotting against Aparajita.

In a desperate plea, Arjun implores the officers to grant them some time to gather evidence and prove Aparajita’s innocence. Sympathetically, one of the IT officers accords Aparajita a chance to speak her truth and implores her to cooperate. Aparajita, with a sense of determination, claims that the money was received as payment from Sahani. The officer then requests her to contact Sahani for verification. Aparajita attempts to make the call, but it fails to connect. She conveys this information to the officers, highlighting the obstacle in reaching Sahani. Undeterred, she presents a written receipt as evidence, affirming Sahani’s role in providing her with the money. Mohini, cynically, contemplates Sahani’s foolishness for committing such a statement to paper. The officers carefully scrutinize the receipt to validate its authenticity.

Meanwhile, Disha receives a message from her friend, prompting her to share shocking news with Aparajita. In a state of disbelief, Aparajita questions how they can proceed with their project and fulfill their obligation to repay Mohini if Sahani turns out to be a fraud. Calming her down, Disha assures Aparajita that she has devised a plan to overcome this predicament.

Disha requests the officers to step aside, expressing her desire to talk to them privately. However, they refuse, insisting that they will not accept any bribes. Disha clarifies that her intentions are not related to bribes and proposes an idea that could earn them medals. Intrigued, the officers agree to have a conversation with Disha and Arjun. They urge Disha to explain her thoughts. Disha reveals that someone is framing her mother, emphasizing that recovering 2 crore counterfeit notes is not significant news, but recovering 100 crore fake notes would be a major accomplishment, resulting in potential medal awards for the officers. Disha discloses that Mohini is the mastermind behind the scam and implores the officers to give them a chance to prove their claims. However, the officers refuse to grant them an opportunity.

Meanwhile, Asha shows Aparajita a viral video exposing her involvement in the scam. Aparajita insists that it is all part of Mohini’s trap. Subsequently, the officers arrest Aparajita. Mohini confidently informs Aparajita that her family will be left penniless and no one can save them from their impending downfall. The officers take Aparajita away in custody.

Aparajita contacts a hired goon and instructs him to kill Sahani. The goon inquires about the location of the hit. Mohini interjects, revealing that she is going to meet Sahani at Bobby’s restaurant. Mohini calls Sahani and reprimands him for providing a receipt to Aparajita. She advises him to flee to Dubai, anticipating Sahani’s concern about being caught by the police at the airport. Mohini assures him that she has arranged a fake passport, which he can collect at Bobby’s restaurant. As Mohini prepares to leave the house, Dadi implores her to save Aparajita. However, Mohini dismisses Dadi’s pleas, stating that she will not allow them to stay in the house beyond the given deadline. Nia arrives and declares her allegiance to Mohini, expressing her desire to remain with her instead of Aparajita’s family. Mohini commends Nia for choosing the right side and agrees to take her along. Dadi mocks Nia’s values, but Mohini silences Dadi and departs with Nia.

At the restaurant, Mohini discreetly signals the goon. Aparajita and Disha express gratitude to Nia for her assistance. Meanwhile, the officers provide Aparajita with an opportunity to prove her innocence and inform her that she will receive a 2 crore reward if they apprehend Sahani before the day ends. Nia discreetly messages them the location where Mohini is meeting Sahani. Sahani, disguised, meets Mohini and requests the fake passport. However, Mohini reveals that it is unnecessary, as the police are present in plainclothes, intending for Sahani to be caught in order to save his family members. Curious about how the police discovered their meeting spot, Sahani questions Mohini, who reveals that her daughter inadvertently disclosed the information. Mohini directs the police to arrest Sahani, claiming that he is plotting against her, similar to what was done to Aparajita. Mohini asserts that she merely assisted the officers. The officers express their gratitude to Mohini for her help and proceed to arrest Sahani. They inform Aparajita that she will need to provide her statement at the station the following day. While Mohini believes that Aparajita has been saved, she realizes that she cannot protect Asha.

[Episode End]

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