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Main Hoon Aparajita 21 June 2023 Written Story Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 21 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Kabir’s superior officer entering Asha’s room in search of Mohini. Asha trembles with fear as the officer arrives. Manish reveals that the last known location of Mohini’s phone was in this house. Kabir pulls Chavi aside and shares something with her. Aparajita expresses her desire to speak with Nia privately for a while. The senior officer permits her to talk but firmly states that she won’t allow Nia to engage in any conversations as she had already missed her chance. Aparajita questions how the officer can be so rude. Devi makes a remark about Aparajita, causing her to ponder how Devi treats people when she discovers the truth. Devi asks Aparajita for assistance in inspecting the house.

Devi approaches the mirrored cabinet while Asha cries in fear. Disha consoles her. Devi asserts that Disha and Asha’s fear indicates their knowledge of Mohini’s whereabouts and what transpired with her. Devi insists that Asha accompany them. Disha objects, stating that Asha is unwell. Nia urges Devi not to mistreat Asha. Devi instructs Manish to inform Nia that she should not interfere with the investigation if they wish to discover the truth about Mohini’s location. Manish escorts Nia outside. Devi instructs her team to extract the truth from Asha. Overwhelmed with panic, Asha clings to Aparajita, who requests Devi to spare her daughter and offers to answer their questions instead.

Devi implores Aparajita to disclose Mohini’s whereabouts and what transpired involving her. She emphasizes Mohini’s friendship with her and mentions that Mohini sent a voice note to Manish, expressing concern about a threat from his family. Aparajita becomes skeptical and inquires about the time the voice note was sent. Manish intervenes and urges Devi not to misconstrue the situation. Devi instructs Aparajita to remain in the room, while she takes Asha and Disha along for interrogation.

To attend to Asha’s well-being, Arjun arranges for a doctor. The doctor examines Asha, and Devi informs the doctor of her intention to investigate Asha. The doctor explains that it is not feasible to interrogate Asha in her current condition. After an hour, Devi seeks permission from the doctor to question Asha. The doctor suggests that the questioning takes place in his presence. Devi agrees, and upon noticing Disha and Arjun’s presence, she sends them away. Devi begins to question Asha, who remains silent. Manish suggests that Aparajita be subjected to torture to compel Asha to tell the truth. In response, Asha pleads with them not to harm her mother and promises to reveal the truth. Devi asks where Mohini is, and Asha signals that she is inside the mirrored cabinet. Curious, Devi asks how to open it, and Disha, claiming knowledge, proceeds to open it. Everyone is taken aback when they discover the cabinet is empty. Devi becomes furious. Meanwhile, Aparajita follows Kabir’s advice and departs in her van with Mohini’s body. Devi slaps Sunitha for allowing Aparajita to escape. Devi accuses Aparajita of committing a crime and eluding the authorities. Nia and Arjun argue that Aparajita is innocent and question how they can suspect her without any evidence.

Devi confronts Asha about her deception, and Asha claims that Mohini placed her inside the closet. Disbelieving her, Devi urges Asha to provide a truthful account of events from the beginning. Aparajita is joined by Chavi, who refuses to leave her side. Aparajita explains that she intends to conceal the body for 24 hours until Kabir takes charge of the case, as only he can prove Asha’s innocence.

[Episode End]

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