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Main Hoon Aparajita 05 June 2023 Episode Written Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 05 June 2023 Episode Written Update On

The episode commences with Dadi engaging in a conversation with Aparajita’s daughters about Mohini’s release on bail. In an attempt to uplift her family’s spirits, Asha decides to bring some cheer. She gathers her family and proudly announces that she purchased the Kulfi with her hard-earned money. Curiosity piqued, Disha inquires about the source of Asha’s funds. Asha assures her that she will disclose the details later, urging everyone to savor the Kulfi first.

Meanwhile, loan recovery agents arrive at Aparajita’s residence and affix a notice on the exterior of the house. Once inside, they inquire about Akshay and Aparajita from Disha. She informs them that Aparajita is currently out of town, and Akshay is unwell. Sensing the gravity of the situation, Disha probes further, asking the agents the purpose of their visit. The agents inform her that the house is scheduled for auction, providing a mere day’s notice to vacate the premises. Nia and Disha express their disbelief and question the agents’ authority. In response, the agents assert that they are acting under court orders. Nia vows to take legal action against this unjust turn of events. Turning their attention to Dadi, the agents reveal that Akshay had borrowed 20 crores from Manish, and according to the agreement, the house can be put up for auction if the debt remains unpaid. Distressed, Disha contacts Arjun, urgently explaining the unfolding situation. In an attempt to assuage her worries, Arjun assures Disha that he is on his way.

ACP Kabir arrived and approached the loan recovery agents, expressing his concern about their inability to evict the women residing in the house. The agents defended their actions by mentioning the court orders they possessed. Asmit arrived with Arjun and assured everyone that he would resolve the issue. In response, the recovery agent demanded a bribe from Asmit to halt the auction. Asmit then confided in Dadi, informing her that he could prevent the auction but with a condition attached. Arjun was taken aback and questioned his father’s decision. However, Asmit remained adamant, presenting Dadi with a check of one crore and urging her to make a decision. Arjun pleaded with his father to reconsider, while Nia accused Asmit of blackmail. Dismissing their protests, the recovery agent urged them to stop their theatrics and vacate the premises.

At that moment, Aparajita arrived and instructed the recovery agent to leave their house. She handed over a one crore cheque as payment. Disha was puzzled about the source of the money, and Aparajita revealed that she had sold Asha’s laundry business. Disha questioned her decision to sell their brand, but Aparajita defended her actions, stating it was necessary to protect their family home. She expressed her disappointment in Asmit’s behavior, while Arjun severed his ties with his father, declaring his intention to stay with Aparajita and her family. Asmit inquired about his living arrangements, reminding them that soon Aparajita’s family would be on the streets due to their inability to repay the 19 crore loan. Aparajita assured Arjun that they would take care of him and asked Asmit to leave. Enraged, Asmit tore up the cheque and departed.

The recovery agent informed Aparajita that they had only 15 days to repay the remaining amount. Aparajita assured them that she would arrange the funds and requested them to leave. They complied and exited the premises. Chavi attempted to contact her family members but received no response. Eventually, she dialed Kabir’s number, and he answered, teasingly asking if she missed him. Chavi asked about her family’s well-being, and Kabir assured her they were fine. He advised her to focus on her training, admitting that he felt lucky to have her in his life. Realizing his slip of the tongue, he quickly covered it up. Chavi agreed and ended the call. Kabir silently hoped for a resolution before Chavi’s return. Aparajita gathered her children and revealed how she had rejected Mohini’s offer and sold Asha’s laundry business to a large company. Disha wondered how they would gather 19 crore in 15 days, but Aparajita encouraged her daughters not to lose hope. They embraced their mother, united in their determination.

[Episode End]

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