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Main Hoon Aparajita 28 May 2023 Written Story Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 28 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Arjun delicately adorning Disha with a mangal sutra and gently applying sindoor to her forehead, all while she remains veiled. The Pandit pronounces them as a married couple, and the room erupts in applause to celebrate the union. Overwhelmed with joy, Disha feels a sense of happiness enveloping her. The Pandit then suggests that they seek the blessings of their elders. Arjun and Disha graciously approach each elder, receiving their heartfelt blessings.

Sarika voices her anticipation, signaling the conclusion of the rituals and requesting to finally catch a glimpse of the bride’s face. Ashmith, in agreement, urges Arjun to reveal his newly-wedded wife’s visage to everyone.

Meanwhile, Mohini, apprehensive about her plan being thwarted if the bride’s face is revealed, anxiously observes the unfolding events. In the midst of the commotion, Kalpana descends the stairs, trembling with fear. She confides in Aparajita and Akshay, disclosing Shubham’s disappearance and pleading for their assistance in finding him. Concerned, Akshay immediately sets out in search of Shubham.

Seizing the opportunity to add another layer of drama, Sarika proposes an additional element before the reception. Aparajita instructs Asha to fetch Chavi and guide Disha to her assigned room. Unbeknownst to them, Chavi, upon hearing about Shubham’s absence, hastily departs from the room, driven by her own apprehensions.

Kabir’s memory floods back, and he firmly decides not to let go of Mohini. Meanwhile, Mohini believes that Arjun married Disha, but she is determined to manipulate the world into thinking that he married Nia instead. Aparajita attempts to console Kalpana, but her efforts prove fruitless as Kalpana breaks down into uncontrollable sobs.

In a previous scene, Kalpana had instructed Shubham to remain inside the room while she went to fetch food for him. Taking advantage of the situation, Mohini cunningly lures Shubham into her trap and kidnaps him from the room. When Kalpana returns with the food, she notices Shubham’s absence, causing her to become alarmed and raise the alarm.

Kabir swiftly notifies his team members, and together they initiate a search for Shubham. Aparajita urgently instructs Asha and Chavi to accompany Disha and ensures that they do not leave her side for even a moment. Complying with her instructions, Asha and Chavi escort Disha to her room. In the meantime, Disha goes to the washroom, unaware of the impending danger.

While Asha and Chavi keep a watchful eye on Disha, they spot Shubham frantically rushing towards his mother. Driven by concern, they chase after him. Just as Disha emerges from the bathroom, Mohini strikes her with a vase, causing Disha to lose consciousness.

Mohini takes Nia’s place, replacing her in Disha’s absence. Delicately, she removes the Mangalsutra from Disha’s neck and adorns it around Nia’s, marking her forehead with Sindhur. Ensuring Nia’s compliance, Mohini veils her face with a Dupatta and warns her to remain silent. She discreetly conceals Disha to the side before departing.

The scene unfolds with everyone fervently searching for Shubham. Aparajita successfully locates him and queries Chavi and Asha about their presence and why they aren’t with Disha. Chavi responds, explaining their pursuit of Shubham. Aparajita proceeds to approach Disha.

Meanwhile, Akshay and Kabir come across Mohini attempting to flee and swiftly apprehend her after a brief chase. Curious about Nia’s whereabouts, Aparajita queries Mohini, who assures her that Nia is safe. Mohini boldly asserts that nothing can impede her victorious plans, as she has already accomplished what she set out to do. Aparajita and Akshay press her for details, demanding to know her actions, but Mohini maintains a steadfast silence. Determined, Aparajita searches Mohini and discovers an injection, prompting her to question its purpose. Mohini continues to remain silent.

Kabir examines the syringe and identifies it as a potent sedative. Akshay and Aparajita urge Mohini to confess the truth, but she consumes a medication that causes her to lose consciousness. Just then, Ashmit and Sarika arrive and knock on Disha’s door. Akshay and Kabir quickly hide Mohini beside the bed, and they proceed to open the door. Ashmit informs them that he spotted Shubham playing outside and assures them that he is safe. Aparajita mentions that Shubham was actually playing on the terrace, unbeknownst to Kalpana, which had caused them worry. Ashmit suggests commencing the reception since everything is now fine, and both Akshay and Aparajita agree. Subsequently, Ashmit and Sarika escort the bride, Nia, to the reception.

Akshay requests Kabir to contact a female police constable to apprehend Mohini. However, Kabir explains that it would be futile due to Mohini’s consumption of a drug that has worsened her condition. Instead, he suggests taking her to a hospital rather than jail. Pondering their next course of action, Akshay seeks Kabir’s advice. Kabir reassures them that they should go and enjoy their daughter’s reception while he takes care of Mohini. Curious about Kabir’s dizziness, Aparajita inquires about the cause. Kabir attributes it to his encounter with Mohini, where she managed to escape by throwing a drug in his face, resulting in lingering dizziness. Aparajita recollects Disha’s similar symptoms and rash, leading her to suspect that Mohini may be responsible.

[Episode End]

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