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Main Hoon Aparajita 06 June 2023 Written Story Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 06 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode starts with Dadi questioning Aparajita about her intentions while carrying a welcoming Thali. Aparajita explains that she is going to receive Arjun, who is now a part of their family as their son-in-law. However, Dadi disagrees with Aparajita’s decision and asserts her authority to determine whether Arjun should stay in the house or not. Confused by Dadi’s response, Aparajita wonders why her mother is speaking in such a manner. Unbeknownst to Aparajita, Asmit has influenced Dadi against her. Aparajita confronts her mother, questioning the reason behind her behavior. Dadi inquires about Arjun’s marital status, to which Aparajita confidently affirms that he is married to Disha and assures she will prove it soon. Aparajita explains that she allowed Arjun to stay in their house to avoid any misunderstandings between Asmit and Arjun. She firmly declares to her mother that her decision is final. However, Dadi specifies that she has certain conditions for Arjun to be allowed to reside in their home.

Aparajita, Asha, and Dadi blindfold Arjun, Disha, and Nia. Aparajita instructs Arjun to indicate the location of Disha from his perspective. Arjun expresses the difficulty of the task. Aparajita presents him with a Rudraksh and requests him to promise that he will stay in their home as himself, rather than merely as Disha’s husband. Arjun removes his blindfold and gives his word. Disha and Nia also pledge their commitment. Disha emphasizes that their primary goal is to save their house. Asha questions how they can manage to pay 19 crore rupees. Aparajita assures them that tomorrow marks a new day for their family, signaling the start of their mission to save their house.

Mohini joins Asmit in celebration, expressing gratitude for his role in creating a conflict between Amma and Aparajita. She envisions using this situation to their advantage, aiming to convince Dadi to allow Nia’s vidaai. Asmit readily agrees, and they proceed to discuss Aparajita’s inability to gather 19 crore. With confidence, Asmit assures Mohini that Nia will eventually become his daughter-in-law. Unbeknownst to him, Mohini cunningly exploits their partnership for her own purposes.

Meanwhile, Asha assists Arjun in setting up his room when she receives messages from an unknown sender. Unaware that it’s a trap, she naively believes she can assist her mother and replies to the message.

The following day, Aparajita instructs her daughters to examine the files regarding Akshay’s project details. Disha suggests accessing the information through his laptop. Asha manages to unlock the laptop using Chavi’s password, impressing Aparajita. They proceed to review Akshay’s housing society project and conclude that they need to approach potential investors. Nia volunteers to contact Akshay’s manager, and Aparajita agrees. However, their discussion is interrupted by Dadi, who insists that Aparajita should focus on resolving Disha and Nia’s marital matters before handling Akshay’s company. Aparajita reassures Dadi that she will address both issues simultaneously.

In the midst of their conversation, Arjun arrives and announces that he has located the person who recorded the marriage ceremony, but the individual is demanding money in exchange for the chip. Aparajita accompanies him to the hall, where they encounter Mohini’s associate. The man requests 1 lakh in exchange for the chip. Engaging in negotiations, Aparajita manages to strike a deal with him, eventually obtaining the chip. Asha suggests reviewing the video for potential evidence. They watch the dimly lit footage, and Aparajita notices the lehenga she had personally sewn, concluding that it was Disha who performed the wedding rituals with Arjun. However, Asmit deems it insufficient proof and advises them to search for stronger evidence. Undeterred, Aparajita expresses her determination to secure both investors and irrefutable proof.

[Episode End]

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