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Main Hoon Aparajita 04 June 2023 Episode Written Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 04 June 2023 Episode Written Update On

The episode commences with Chavi packing her belongings in preparation for her trip to Mumbai. Disha and Asha approach Chavi, and Disha remarks on how their roles have reversed, with Chavi becoming stronger and Disha becoming more emotionally vulnerable. Chavi responds to Disha’s comment, engaging in a conversation. Asha presents Chavi with a diary as a parting gift, and Chavi embraces both Asha and Disha with gratitude. While Chavi is bidding farewell, she notices Nia’s presence. Realizing that the sisters are sharing a heartfelt moment, Nia attempts to leave, but Chavi calls out to her. Chavi expresses her desire for Nia to stay, and Asha inquires if Nia also brought a gift for Chavi. Nia confirms this and presents Chavi with a pen. Chavi expresses her gratitude towards Nia, who then expresses her intention to leave. However, Disha invites Nia to stay, emphasizing that their sisterhood will only be complete with her presence. Nia appreciates Disha’s words and embraces all the girls in a warm hug.

Later, Disha, Nia, and Asha visit Akshay’s room together. Dadi questions their sudden appearance and asks what happened. Nia explains that Aparajita instructed her to take care of Akshay, while Disha reveals that Aparajita assigned her the same task. Asha interjects, stating that Aparajita specifically asked her instead of the others. Dadi dismisses them, assuring that she will personally care for Akshay. Disha suggests that they divide their time to attend to Akshay, emphasizing the importance of his recovery. She bids Akshay to get well soon and notices an ink mark on his thumb, indicating that someone might have taken his thumbprint on certain documents. Dadi suspects Mohini’s involvement and they collectively decide not to leave Akshay alone. At that moment, Disha receives a message from Arjun and departs from the room, while Asha also receives a message and states that she will return after completing her assignment.

Disha engages in a video call with Arjun, expressing her assurance that Aparajita will resolve their issues. Overwhelmed by her circumstances, she can’t help but shed tears. Witnessing Disha’s emotional state, Nia prays fervently to bring Disha and Arjun back together. Meanwhile, Mohini, in an act of protest, refuses to eat any food. Kabir inquires about the duration of her hunger strike, to which Mohini responds defiantly, stating that she won’t consume jail food. In an attempt to thwart Mohini’s demands, Kabir suggests refraining from ordering food from her favorite restaurant. However, their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of a lawyer who informs them that Mohini is permitted to eat at her own home. Handing Kabir the bail papers, the lawyer’s unexpected announcement incites anger within him as he contemplates how Mohini managed to secure her release. Seizing the opportunity, Mohini taunts Kabir and extends an invitation for him to attend the party she plans to host at her place, requesting Kabir to release her with dignity. Annoyed and perplexed, Kabir contacts his superior, seeking an explanation for Mohini’s bail. His superior reveals that Mohini’s political connections were responsible for her release, leaving Kabir no choice but to set her free. Mohini relishes in the thought that nothing and no one can impede her plans for Nia’s departure.

Determined to uncover a clue, Disha meticulously examines some photographs, eventually spotting Nia in one of them. She promptly calls Nia inside, who informs her that Aparajita messaged her, confirming Chavi’s successful settlement. Disha acknowledges receiving the same message and listens attentively as Nia expresses her desire to preserve their family and disinterest in Arjun. Providing solace, Disha assures Nia of her unwavering support. Meanwhile, Asha, noticing the positive response to her videos on social media, decides to create another video addressing their current predicament and shares it online. Excited by the favorable feedback, she plans to inform Aparajita about her online success. Meanwhile, Mohini consults Lawyer Sinha, inquiring if he has prepared the necessary documents for Aparajita and her family’s eviction from their house. Mr. Singh confirms that he has completed his task, prompting Mohini to anticipate Aparajita’s return and her eventual plea for mercy. The lawyer suggests commencing the auction before Aparajita’s arrival, a proposition that Mohini readily accepts.

[Episode End]

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