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Main Hoon Aparajita 23 June 2023 Written Story Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 23 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Manish engrossed in a phone conversation, instructing someone to book flight tickets. He eagerly anticipates Mohini’s journey to South Africa, relishing the thought of keeping Aparajita and her family under the cloud of Mohini’s murder for years to come. Suddenly, he receives calls from Aparajita’s family, but they cunningly play an audio clip of Mohini’s voice to deceive him. They inform him about Mohini’s scheduled flight to South Africa the following day, leaving Aparajita and her daughters shocked. Curious about Mohini’s whereabouts and where he should pick her up, Manish inquires. Disha assures him that Mohini is safe and promises to provide him with the pickup location later.

In the midst of their conversation, Disha delivers some troubling news: Kabir will now be handling the case instead of Devi. Manish is taken aback, finding it hard to believe, but Disha persuades him to accept the truth. She goads him into revealing the evidence he possesses, and Manish divulges the existence of video clips recorded by Mohini, similar to how Aparajita had earlier captured her own confession of spiking Arjun’s drink. Sensing the urgency, Disha instructs Manish to forward all the videos to her for safekeeping and emphasizes the importance of ensuring that Aparajita and her daughters never get their hands on them. Furthermore, she urges Manish to retrieve the phone used to record the incriminating video.

Aparajita and her daughters rejoiced as their plan succeeded, obtaining all the videos from Manish. Aparajita emphasized the need to stop Mohini before her departure for South Africa. Determined, Aparajita and her family concealed themselves, preparing to catch Manish in the act. However, Manish betrayed Aparajita, shocking her by aiming a gun at them. He laughed in mockery, but his laughter faded as he discovered Kabir standing behind him, also armed. Manish was dumbfounded when Disha revealed that she had deceived him into believing she was Mohini by using an audio app to communicate with him.

Aparajita instructed Manish to call Mohini and request her presence at the scene. Although he attempted to feign Mohini’s demise, Dhwani exposed his deceit by playing a video clip showing Manish with Mohini. Their shock intensified as they witnessed Mohini holding Asha at knifepoint. Kabir assured everyone that he would handle the situation. Mohini explained how she had conversed with Manish, who had instructed her to retrieve her phone from her room. Threatening to harm Asha, Mohini prompted Aparajita to plead for her daughter’s safety. Aparajita swiftly struck Mohini with a vase, causing her to drop the knife.

Mohini was taken aback when Nia appeared and revealed her knowledge of the kidnapping and the torment inflicted upon Asha. Nia admitted her failure as a mother and departed, leaving Mohini and Aparajita alone in the room. The two engaged in a heated confrontation, resulting in Aparajita successfully trapping Mohini in a net atop a pile of logs. As Mohini cried out, witnessing Aparajita pouring kerosene and igniting a fire, she begged for mercy, expressing her reluctance to die. Aparajita coldly responded, insisting that Mohini should face death since she was already dead to the world. Despite her family members’ pleas for Aparajita to open the door, she adamantly refused, determined to resolve matters solely between herself and Mohini. Mohini implored Kabir for help, but he declared his unwavering support for the truth. The episode concluded with Mohini vowing to confess all the truth.

[Episode End]

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