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Main Hoon Aparajita 12 June 2023 Written Story Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 12 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Aparajita’s return home, filled with worry as she searches for Asha. In the distance, the sound of Mohini’s car starting catches Aparajita’s attention, prompting her to halt the vehicle. Overwhelmed by concern, Aparajita confronts Mohini, seizing her and demanding access to the car deck. Mohini, in turn, instructs Robin to open the compartment, complying with Aparajita’s request. To Aparajita’s dismay, Asha is nowhere to be found inside. Desperate for answers, Aparajita turns to Mohini, demanding to know Asha’s whereabouts. Just then, Nia and Dadi emerge from the house, followed by Asha a little later. Aparajita directs her questioning towards Asha, demanding an explanation for her absence. Asha calmly responds, stating that she had been in the kitchen checking Akshay’s medicine. Aparajita, not one to hold back, comments on Asha’s actions.

Meanwhile, Mohini engages in a conversation on the phone with Robin. Curiosity piqued, she inquires whether he successfully hacked into Asha’s laptop, to which Robin confirms. Seeing an opportunity, Robin suggests to Mohini that she can now impersonate Chavi and communicate with Asha. Encouraged by this idea, Mohini proceeds to call Asha, disguising her voice as Chavi, and requests Asha’s assistance in monitoring Akshay’s medicine to ensure Mohini doesn’t tamper with it. Asha, unsuspecting, agrees and heads to the kitchen as instructed.

Mohini, seated in the car, commends Robin for his commendable work. She believes that now Aparajita will be incapable of saving both her daughters and her project. Robin departs from the scene. Aparajita confronts Mohini, demanding an explanation regarding Robin’s identity and his presence in their house. Mohini responds with a mocking laughter before leaving. Dadi, anticipating the next day’s Pag Phere ritual for Arjun and Disha, hopes to avoid any further drama. Aparajita resolves to annoy Mohini to such an extent that she will eventually leave the house.

Aparajita receives a call from Sahani, engaging in a conversation about the project. Aparajita requests Sahani for an advance payment. Sahani provides a fabricated excuse, stating that arranging the money will take some time. Aparajita worries about how she will save their house if Sahani fails to provide the money on time.

Asha approaches Aparajita and informs her that Arjun and Disha have arrived for the Pag Phere ritual. Aparajita warmly welcomes Arjun and Disha into the house.

Aparajita prepares Kheer for Arjun and Disha, storing it in the fridge and locking it. Mohini, using a spare key, gains access to the fridge. She purposefully breaks a glass, grinds the glass shards, and mixes them into the Kheer. Afterward, Mohini returns the Kheer to the fridge, locks it, and departs.

Mohini later contemplates how Aparajita will save Arjun and Disha from the contaminated Kheer. Arjun notices the abundance of food on the dining table and questions Aparajita, wondering why he is being treated like a guest. Aparajita explains that he is their son-in-law and that he should regard her as his mother. Arjun expresses his desire to call her “Mom.” Aparajita instructs Asha to bring the Kheer and suggests that they can commence their relationship by sharing it. Arjun seeks Aparajita’s blessings, and Asha hands the Kheer to Aparajita. Aparajita asks Asha to call Nia and Disha.

Disha expresses her gratitude for being with their father, considering herself lucky. Nia wishes to become Disha to have a mother like Aparajita and praises her qualities. Asha summons them to join the gathering. She notices an online contest and decides to register for it. Meanwhile, Mohini receives a call from Hacker Robin, who informs her that Asha accepted the contest request.

At the dining table, a heated dispute arises over who gets to eat the Kheer first. Nia insists on having it. Aparajita allows her to proceed. Mohini descends the stairs to stop Nia, urging her to come with her. Nia, however, insists on eating the Kheer first. Mohini persists, demanding Nia’s presence. Aparajita intervenes, instructing Nia to feed Mohini and urging Mohini to consume the Kheer. Mohini deliberately pushes the Kheer bowl, causing it to fall on the table. Aparajita rubs Mohini’s hand on the Kheer, resulting in it spilling onto the table. Mohini’s hand gets injured, and blood appears. Aparajita recalls how she discovered Mohini’s deceit and warns her to stay away from her family. Mohini resolves to execute her plan the following day. Sahani sends a message to Aparajita, indicating that the money is ready. Aparajita becomes suspicious, while Mohini believes that Aparajita won’t be able to escape her plan.

[Episode End]

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