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Main Hoon Aparajita 24 June 2023 Written Story Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 24 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Aparajita firmly expressing her belief to her family and Kabir that today is the day Mohini should meet her demise, claiming she does not deserve to live. In desperation, Mohini contacts Nia and implores her to intervene and prevent Aparajita’s intentions. Aparajita informs Mohini that Nia has already departed, unable to witness her mother in such a state, thereby severing all ties with Mohini completely. Aparajita further declares that she has lost Nia as her daughter, delivering a grave blow to Mohini. Fueling the tension, Aparajita proceeds to issue a menacing threat, promising to end Mohini’s life. Feeling cornered, Mohini reluctantly agrees to confess her misdeeds, beseeching Kabir for assistance. Kabir consents and instructs the lady constables present to record Mohini’s statement. Succumbing to the weight of her guilt, Mohini admits to her crimes, revealing her vengeful intentions towards Aparajita for robbing her of everything. With Arjun, Disha, Chavi, and the lady constable bearing witness, Mohini discloses her failed attempts to eliminate Aparajita and subsequently seek retribution by targeting her own daughters. In her pursuit of revenge, Mohini confesses to manipulating Asha and using her as a pawn, only to find herself thwarted once again. Driven to the extreme, she resolved to fabricate her own death as a last resort.

Aparajita was puzzled by Aparajita’s seemingly lifeless state, having checked her breath and found none. Mohini explained that she had conducted extensive research and discovered a medicine that could slow down her heart rate, creating the illusion of death. She admitted to using this medicine to feign her demise.

Mohini proceeded to reveal her elaborate plan to Aparajita, explaining that she had already installed cameras in her room. With the footage captured, she intended to frame them for her murder, while she escaped to South Africa under a new identity. Mohini unabashedly confessed to all her crimes, declaring her victory in the battle between them. Chavi informed Aparajita that they had recorded Mohini’s crimes and sought her decision.

Begging for her life, Mohini pleaded with Aparajita, expressing her desire to live. Kabir intervened, assuring Aparajita that Mohini’s confession would guarantee her a life sentence. He requested Aparajita to leave Mohini to him.

Aparajita consoled Nia, promising to stand by her side as her mother from that point forward. Kabir informed Aparajita that he would take Mohini to the police station to file a charge sheet against her. Mohini pleaded with Kabir to allow her a final meeting with Akshay. However, Disha denied her request. Aparajita instructed Kabir to take Mohini away, but Mohini refused to leave without meeting Akshay.

Observing this, the lady constable suggested that Aparajita allow Mohini to meet Akshay. Aparajita reluctantly agreed, cautioning Nia and Disha to keep a close eye on Mohini. Mohini approached Akshay, falling at his feet and tearfully apologizing. The lady constables then escorted Mohini away. Nia subsequently approached Akshay and washed his feet, with Disha reassuring her that Mohini hadn’t touched him. Nia believed it was better to be safe than sorry.

Aparajita intercepted Mohini and expressed her mixed emotions—sadness over Nia’s mother being imprisoned forever and satisfaction that Mohini was receiving the punishment she deserved. Mohini silently contemplated that Aparajita would lose everything despite her victory, confident that she would soon realize it.

Nia gazed at the moon, feeling the weight of loneliness after her mother’s incarceration. Just then, she received a call from Asha, urgently requesting her presence in Akshay’s room. Concerned, Nia rushed to Akshay, fearing that something had happened to him.

[Episode End]

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