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Main Hoon Aparajita 11 June 2023 Written Story Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 11 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Arjun and Disha standing at the entrance of the laundry house. However, just as Disha is about to step inside, Arjun intervenes and prevents her from entering. While Arjun receives a bag of groceries from a man, he attempts to untie the rice packet. Disha kindly lends a hand to help him.

Meanwhile, Aparajita hands over some money to a man who promptly requests change. Aparajita calls out for Disha, who promptly responds. Nia arrives and provides the required change to Aparajita. Expressing her gratitude, Aparajita conveys how much she will miss Disha. Nia assures Aparajita that she will make an effort to ensure that she doesn’t miss Disha too intensely. Nia expresses her appreciation for everything Aparajita has done for her, leading to an emotional hug between the two. Observing this heartfelt moment, Mohini becomes envious and decides to sabotage Disha’s life to teach Aparajita a lesson.

Meanwhile, Arjun and Disha reminisce about their cherished moments together. They partake in the traditional welcome ritual for the newlywed couple entering their new house. While Disha gazes at a photograph of her family, she yearns for their presence. Determined to place the family photo on the wall, Disha seeks Arjun’s assistance. Arjun, playfully teasing her, lifts Disha in his arms to help her with the task. Subsequently, delivery personnel arrive with a mattress and inquire about its placement. Arjun instructs them to put it on the bed, after which they depart unknowingly leaving behind a dangerous snake. In the midst of this, Mohini contacts Rohit, seeking confirmation of the execution of her plan. Rohit assures her that he has carried it out as instructed.

Arjun observes Disha arranging the room and inquires if she is aware of the significance of tonight. Mohini, filled with joy, declares that it is Disha’s “death night” and proceeds to dance gleefully. Aparajita, witnessing Mohini’s delight, learns of her plan to snatch her daughter, Disha, and rushes to aid her. Mohini wears a smug smile upon seeing Aparajita, contemplating the danger Asha is also in and challenging her to save only one of them. Disha’s peace is disrupted by incessant spam calls, prompting her to turn off their phones. Disha and Arjun spend quality time together, unaware of the impending danger.

Aparajita tries to contact Disha and Arjun, but their phones remain unreachable. Worried, she hurries to rescue Disha. Meanwhile, Mohini realizes that Asha is alone in the room and decides it is time to put her plan into action, confident that Aparajita will be unable to save both her daughters.

Unaware that the person she is conversing with is actually Mohini pretending to be Chavi, Asha engages in a voice call. Aparajita arrives at Disha’s location and calls out to them. Upon hearing Aparajita’s voice, Disha and Arjun open the door. Concerned, Disha inquires about the situation. Aparajita reveals that Mohini had plotted to harm Disha. As they search the room, they discover a snake hiding in a flower pot. Aparajita questions whether anyone visited after their arrival. Arjun recalls that two individuals delivered a mattress, but their search yields no further evidence. The snake manages to escape through the window. Disha speculates that it may have been part of Mohini’s plan to lure Aparajita away from home, enabling her to harm Asha instead. Meanwhile, Mohini hacks Asha’s phone and gains control of her social media account, reveling in the knowledge that Asha remains unaware of their interaction, vowing to ruin her life with no chance of salvation.

Aparajita urges Disha and Arjun to stay at their place while she checks on Asha, assuring them that she will contact them if she requires assistance. Aparajita returns home and begins searching for Asha.

[Episode End]

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