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Main Hoon Aparajita 31 May 2023 Written Story Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 31 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences as Aparajita solemnly expresses to Dadi that the truth remains unalterable, affirming that Disha indeed married Arjun. Dadi, feeling let down, asserts that she had always supported Aparajita but she failed to realize when Disha was substituted, making it her own mistake. Aparajita defends Mohini, stating that she had no involvement in the swap. Akshay intervenes, requesting Amma not to engage in further arguments. Aparajita departs from the scene. Meanwhile, Arjun engages in a heated dispute with Asmit, declaring that he will marry Disha once again if he desires to. Asmit argues that such a course of action would be unjust to Nia and exits. Unbeknownst to them, Aparajita overhears the entire conversation.

Driven by gratitude, she approaches Arjun and expresses her appreciation for his support. At that moment, Asha arrives and informs Aparajita that Nia has regained consciousness. The entire family gathers around Nia, questioning her about her wedding vows with Arjun. Nia admits to having no recollection of the events. Akshay urges her to remember, but Nia discloses that Mohini coerced her into marrying Arjun and recalls no further details. The doctor advises Akshay against pressuring Nia, and he agrees. After the doctor leaves, Arjun confides in Aparajita, expressing his desire to be with Disha. Dadi takes Arjun aside and advises him not to approach Disha until they ascertain the truth behind his marriage. Arjun insists that he married Disha alone. Amma intervenes, suggesting that they wait for confirmation from others. She exits the scene. Arjun feels powerless and resolves that he will not spare Mohini if anything happens to Disha.

Kabir implores the Doctor to expedite Mohini’s recovery and bring her back to consciousness. Aparajita questions Akshay’s doubts when she had already mentioned that Arjun was married to Disha. Akshay justifies his skepticism, stating that he also needs to consider Nia’s opinion. Aparajita expresses her frustration, highlighting how Mohini harmed their daughters right under their noses, and they failed to protect them. Akshay defends Mohini, claiming that the blame lies with him for believing her lies and abandoning his family. He sincerely apologizes to Aparajita, acknowledging his failure as a husband and father. Aparajita dismisses dwelling on the past and expresses concern for Nia and Disha’s lives. Akshay admits feeling sorry for Arjun as well, recognizing the battles he fought to marry Disha, and hopes he won’t resort to self-harm. Unfortunately, Arjun ends up hurting himself. Chavi and Asha intervene, urging Arjun not to succumb to stress and assuring him that everything will eventually be resolved.

The following day, Kalpana’s mother-in-law informs her that she can no longer stay there and will be leaving with Shubham. Devastated, Kalpana asserts that she cannot live without Shubham and departs with her mother-in-law, informing Amma about their decision. Amma laments the futility of expecting anything from Kalpana. Meanwhile, media personnel swarm Akshay’s house, conducting a poll among the audience to determine whom Arjun is truly married to. Overwhelmed, Amma enters the house emotionally, catching Akshay’s attention. Concerned, he inquires about her well-being. Amma proceeds to reveal everything she knows and suggests that it would be good to send Nia since Asmit considers her their daughter-in-law. Akshay seeks further clarification, wanting to understand how this situation came about.

Asmit and Sarika arrive at the location accompanied by the Dhol players. Asmit informs Akshay that they have come to take their daughter-in-law, Nia. Aparajita queries Akshay about their course of action, to which Akshay responds that Mohini is causing their downfall, just as she had predicted. Mohini berates the Doctor for providing a fitness certificate for her arrest. Kabir asserts that nobody can prevent her from being arrested. Mohini shoves Ritika and asserts that they cannot apprehend her until Nia’s farewell ceremony takes place. Ritika retaliates by slapping Mohini and instructs her to remain within her boundaries. Asmit assures Akshay that they will not leave without the bride and proceeds to call his Lawyer. Akshay questions the necessity of a lawyer, to which Asmit explains its importance. Asmit acquires the necessary documents from the Lawyer and urges Akshay to officially register Nia and Arjun’s marriage. He further insists that Akshay should send Nia with them, as they believe Nia is Arjun’s wife. Otherwise, they should consider the relationship between their families to be terminated.

[Episode End]

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